Our newbie Legislature (this should thrill Doug)


This news about our Legislature should thrill Doug:

About one-third of the House’s 124 members will start the session in January with less than three years of experience.

Almost half of the 46 senators have been elected to that chamber within the last five years…

The story in the Charleston paper attributes this in part to “investigations,” but that doesn’t add up. The ongoing corruption investigation has resulted in two permanent departures so far.

So I find myself wondering — how unusual is this really? Do we always have a surprisingly high number of freshmen and sophomores making our laws?

If so, that should be greatly reassuring to Doug, who eyes experience with deep suspicion.

But I’ve gotta tell ya, it kind of worries me a bit.

Although it doesn’t seem to bother my own senator, who’s held the office since 1976. So maybe it’s no big deal… 🙂

11 thoughts on “Our newbie Legislature (this should thrill Doug)

  1. Doug Ross

    It doesn’t really matter until Leatherman is gone. But I expect there will be little difference seen in the performance of the legislature. It’s not a difficult job. It’s a part time gig with a lot of useless bureaucracy built into it.

    1. Claus2

      Can someone please explain to me why politicians feel the need to continue holding the seat (or “serve” as they like to call it) well in to their 70’s and 80’s when their minds aren’t exactly sharp. We need age limits for elected positions as much as we need term limits.

      1. Barry

        Power. They are addicted to it worse than the most addictive drug.

        4-5 years ago I saw an older state senator (no names please) eating alone at a Columbia restaurant one evening. The place was packed while he ate by himself.

        I thought to myself that when I am that age, I hope to the good Lord above I am at home with my wife and grandchildren, not out of town eating alone at a restaurant in the middle of the week. That would be miserable.

        1. Bart Rogers

          Saw Leatherman at a local restaurant a few months ago. Maybe it was just me but he had a little trouble navigating a straight line and he wasn’t inebriated. It is time for him to come home and leave running the state to someone else for a while. He has been in control far too long.

        2. Brad Warthen Post author

          Sounds like Barry’s talking about Leatherman, too.

          I’ve seen him dining alone a couple of times at the Cap City Club. I’ve gone over and spoken to him briefly, and each time I did, when I left he said in the humblest voice, “Thank you for talking to me.”

          Call it a political trick, but if it’s that, he does it VERY well. He seems genuinely grateful to be spoken to. Which is not what you expect from the most powerful guy in the Senate…

  2. Harry Harris

    Don’t intend to hijack, but in another possible thrill for Doug, Rand Paul called Lindsey Graham a warmonger.


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