McMaster picks a running mate, and it’s… who?!?!?


(Hey, it’s just McMaster all the time today on…)

“Who?” is the only response I could muster initially when I read this bit of news:

But after I’ve thought a minute, I have other questions and observations as well:

  • Is this how it’s going to work? Even though I’ve advocated for having the Gov Lite run with the gov, I guess when they got around to making that happen, I didn’t read the the bill very carefully. Or, let’s face it, at all. (Nobody pays me to do that now, and even when they did pay me, I’d get Cindi or someone to read the bills, and tell me what they said.) I had sort of thought a gubernatorial candidate would pick a running mate after being nominated — to the extent that I’d thought about it. Like president and vice president.
  • Thinking that, or sorta thinking it, I’d assumed that Henry would pick Catherine Templeton, if he could beat her in the primary. Instead, he’s picking someone who (he presumably believes) helps him counter whatever appeal Ms. Templeton may have. As Democratic operative Tyler Jones said, “Not sure why people are surprised about McMaster’s Lt. Gov pick. He’s running against a female outsider. So he put a female outsider on his ticket. Not hard.”
  • Which brings me to my problem with her. I can’t see putting someone with zero experience in public office a heartbeat away from the governor’s office. We’ve never seen this person operate in the public sphere. We have absolutely no way of knowing how she would perform. She says, she’s never made a dime off of government, which translated from the Trumpese means she is in no way qualified for the job… or if she is, she was miraculously born qualified, because nothing she’s done since has prepared her for it in any way.
  • She says, “I was a Trump girl from the beginning,” which, you know… Words fail me (which I guess kinda makes me a “Trump boy,” in a sense). So much for balancing a ticket, eh? Take Henry’s absolutely worst trait, and pick someone just like that to run with. Sheesh.
  • Is “Evette” a surname or a middle name — you know, like an alternative spelling of “Yvette?” (OK, that one’s kind of a throwaway — no need to answer.)

That’s enough for now. Talk amongst yourselves….

6 thoughts on “McMaster picks a running mate, and it’s… who?!?!?

  1. bud

    Which brings me to my problem with her. I can’t see putting someone with zero experience in public office a heartbeat away from the governor’s office.

    Spare us this crap. You supported Sarah Palin for VP. I have zero respect for anyone you support for second in command.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Come, now. She was the governor of a state. No comparison.

      Not only that, but when I went to research her at the time, there was NOTHING in Alaskan media to warn us of what a flake she was (and in vetting her, McCain probably ran into the same problem). I’ll never forgive Alaskan journalists for that. I had made sure to warn McCain, and the rest of the country, about Mark Sanford. Why on Earth wasn’t there any authoritative voice in Alaska doing the same on Palin? They had to know she was an idiot. Inexcusable…

      1. Barry


        Back then, Palin was actually fairly moderate and had a pretty strong reputation for working with Democrats and the business and environmental groups in Alaska.

        She went nuts quick though.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    You ever catch yourself stealing the rhythms of things you hear in pop culture?

    A few nights ago, I watched “Men in Black” again.

    When I typed, “it’s just McMaster all the time today on,” I was thinking “It just be raining black people in New York!”

    Bet you couldn’t tell, though. It was subtle…

    1. Doug Ross

      My favorite line from Men In Black:

      “Ben: You want some mini-pizzas? It’s just… mini-bagels with pizza stuff on them. You want some cheese on them? She can put a little Fontina on it. She has Palsy and ends up putting a whole lot on…”

      I recall being the only person who laughed out loud in the theater.

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