Does anybody still look at these security alerts?


Just got another of those monthly emails from that security service that the state offered us to help us keep our identities safe after the big Department of Revenue breach several years back.

About once a year, I try to log in, and I never remember my password, so I have to go through a bunch of rigmarole to get in, and when I do, all I find is a report on sex offenders in my area.


I mean, does anybody still use this service?

4 thoughts on “Does anybody still look at these security alerts?

  1. Dave Crockett

    I read them but find the only information that seems to change is the sexual offender listings.

    I had occasion to enlist CSID back in 2014 when my federal tax filing was hijacked (probably arising from the theft of my SSN and other personal information from the SC DOR which prompted the initiation of the contract between SC and CSID).

    Unfortunately, the ONLY thing they did for me was contact the IRS a couple of times on my behalf to gauge the progress of the resolution of my filing problem. I had to do everything else….file the requisite reports with IRS, federal department of consumer affairs, the state DOR, and even the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department. Nine months, three letters from the IRS, two hours’ worth of phone time with the IRS (not counting the three hours in the IRS phone queue), I got my piddly refund from Uncle Sam. The state folks pushed through my state refund in half the time after one quick phone call.

    The only thing I learned in the whole thing was an admission by an IRS caseworker that the miscreant that hijacked my account tried (unsuccessfully) to dun the government for nearly $8,000. It was only after his filing was rejected three times by the online system for having too many dependents (he apparently killed them off one-by-one before each refiling) before successfully getting the IRS to accept the bogus documents. And then I came along and tried to file my taxes after patiently waiting until mid-March for my brokerage to generate a correct 1099 for my investments. He beat me by two days.

    But CSID was nearly worthless in the whole affair.

  2. Norm Ivey

    I stopped checking them years ago. I filter them so I don’t even see them any longer. Now I get them from Experian from their breach last summer. They keep trying to sell me stuff. It’s annoying.


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