Google has measured me and found me guilty

Google-favicon-2015And there is no appeal, since I have been offered no opportunity to interact with a person and make my case. Never mind facing my accuser, or even getting an explanation of the charges against me. (Ain’t the private sector wonderful? Such accountability!)

Here’s Google’s verdict on the matter I told you about yesterday. You have to hunt for the verdict; the lede is buried (it’s in the second bullet):

Dear Publisher,This Google Publisher Policy Report gives you an overview of recent activity related to violations found on specific pages of your websites. As enforcement statuses may change over time, please refer to the “Page-level enforcements” section of the AdSense Policy Center for the current list of active violations.

Please note this report doesn’t cover violations that may happen on an overall site or account level. You may be notified by a separate email if site or account level violations are found. Ads will continue to serve where no policy violations have been found, either at the page- or site-level.

In the last 24 hours:

  • 1 page-level review request was received. You’ll be notified when the review is completed.
  • 1 page was reviewed at your request and found to be non-compliant with our policies at the time of the review. Ad serving continues to be restricted or disabled on this page.

Further details on enforcements can be found in the AdSense Help Center. To learn more about our program policies, please view the AdSense Program Policies.

Kind regards,
Google Publisher Policy

And my punishment is… that no Google ads will appear on a seven-year-old post. Fine…

6 thoughts on “Google has measured me and found me guilty

  1. Doug Ross

    Well, that is very weird. I posted a link to alternatives to AdSense and it didn’t show up. Didn’t even say it was moderated. Let’s see if this one shows up.

  2. Doug Ross Also known as Yahoo/Bing Advertising Network is a great Alternative to Google Adsense. Its Ads and features are quite similar to Google Adsense and they are quite lucrative as Adsense (in terms of earnings). They have lots of features and they support mobile Ads.

    You have the opportunity to customize your ad units in terms of style (size, color, shapes) so it blends better with your respective blogs & website.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Thanks for the tip, but if I switch I won’t do it right away. Google currently owes me $86.18, and they won’t send it to me until it tops $100. Last time, they waited until it hit $118.37.

      And that could take weeks. Seriously, that’s how little this pays. They send me a payment of a little over $100 three or four times a year.

      So it’s hardly worth the hassle — although usually, it’s not a hassle. I don’t do anything, the ads appear, and occasionally they send me a little money. Which is better than sending me nothing…

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