THIS is what political exploitation of gun tragedies looks like

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I get up in the morning, I work out, I skim Twitter, I peruse several newspapers, and I get ideas that could be blog posts, but I fritter them away in Tweets before breakfast is over, and the blog lies fallow for much of the day.

So I’m going to start turning more Tweets into posts, so the conversation can occur here as well as there.

Let’s start with this one:

In case the Tweet I was retweeting doesn’t show up, here’s what I was talking about:

Of course, I was far from the only one to react this way. A couple of other Tweets on the subject:

To which Tyler Jones responded, “Egg, meet Phil Noble’s face.”

And an American Party candidate for the House had this to say:

OK, that should be enough to get y’all started…

7 thoughts on “THIS is what political exploitation of gun tragedies looks like

  1. Mark Stewart

    Have we devolved into Twitter tirades as social discussion?

    What’s wrong with reasoned discourse? It may be out of fashion, but it will never be out of style.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I’m trying to START a deeper discussion.

      And I’m trying to address a real problem with my personal habits. I get an idea in the morning, I Tweet about it, and then I FEEL LIKE I’ve addressed it, so I never get up the interest again enough to write a blog post on it. So I end up interacting with people on the subject on Twitter (or, far worse, Facebook) and we never have the conversation here at all.

      I’m trying to address that as economically as possible….

      1. Mark Stewart

        I don’t have any problem with James Smith being pro gun – because he doesn’t strike me as being pro stupidity.

        For instance, guns in bars? That is a bad idea, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. “Stand your ground”? Unregulated concealed carry? Same things. These are irresponsible positions advocated by the lunatic fringe.

        I do agree, this Phil Noble guy is doing a good job raising Smith’s profile as a centrist Democrat. Between McMaster and Smith it really isn’t a contest as to who would be the better Governor for SC. The only question here, however, is will Trump so poison the Republican party that Smith has the opportunity to consolidate those moderates unwilling to continue to reflexively pull the R lever?

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yep, but Phil, with his partisan blinders on at all times, doesn’t know that. And if he knew, he wouldn’t care. He’s all about ideological purity…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        The thing about Phil is, he’s unelectable. But he runs anyway, and tries to tear down the viable guy.

        I said that to a friend this afternoon and she responded, “We thought Trump was unelectable.”

        Oh, thanks. That makes me feel SO much better…

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