I did, however, run across a Willis supporter…

Willis bumper sticker

As unsuccessful as I was trying to find out who (other than the three people he’s named) is backing Phil Noble, I ran across a Marguerite Willis supporter the other evening without even trying.

willis closeup

Sorry about the bad resolution. It was dark…

I carefully smudged out the license number, so the individual supporter is anonymous — although you get a feel for the issues that motivate this voter from the rest of the information freely shared with the world. This is a maker of statements.

I have no idea whether this means the typical Willis voter is a Bernie supporter (frankly, I would have thought those votes would go to Noble) or believes war is not the answer. As y’all know, I’m way intuitive, but a sample of one falls a little short of what even I need to extrapolate from.

In the end, though, beyond this one sticker, I’m even more in the dark about where her support comes from than I am with Noble. But perhaps we’ll see some endorsements coming at some point…

2 thoughts on “I did, however, run across a Willis supporter…

  1. Carol Fowler

    Surely Bernie supporters with any sense won’t be for Phil– after all, he brags about having headed the SC New Democrats. If I’m not mistaken, that “organization” was formed to make the Democratic Party more conservative.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      That’s one of the many perplexing, mystifying things about Phil!

      He was affiliated with New Democrats for years, right?

      And it was supposed to be a Bill Clinton/Tony Blair-style Third Way organization, right? (I wouldn’t call it something meant to make Dems more “conservative.” I think of it as something meant to make Democrats more centrist, more mainstream — and therefore more appealing to voters like me.)

      But he’s running as some sort of ideological purist whose complaint about James — and practically every Democrat in office — is that they’re “too much like Republicans,” or not “Democratic enough.”

      He’s running as the lefty guy, attacking centrists.

      And he’s trying his best to run an insurgency that has the goal of derailing a candidate, a pragmatic veteran of public service, who would normally be seen as having the nomination locked up.

      That makes him Bernie.

      But it doesn’t make James into Hillary Clinton. He’s a Biden guy, one of those who had hoped Joe would run last time around…


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