Thoughts on last night’s GOP debate?

GOP debate

Actually, it seems a bit jarring to use any form of the word “thought” in relation to that sorry spectacle. My Republican representative put it well:

There just didn’t seem to be much thinking going on on that stage. In fact, I found myself wondering whether, after all these years, even the GOP base has gotten sick of hearing the same pandering cliches stated over and over, ad nauseam.

Of course, there were exceptions to the right-wing cliche thing:

Old times there are not forgotten. At one point during the debate, someone asked me about McGill, “Is that the one they call Foghorn Leghorn?” No, no, I replied — you’re thinking of Henry. Although even he doesn’t have as firm a claim to that as Fritz Hollings. Of course, with Fritz, you never had the feeling someone was pulling a “Chatty Cathy” string. Fritz always spoke his mind.

My most popular tweet during the debate — 15 likes, which isn’t much by usual standards but I think this was a fairly low-viewership event — came with a typo, I’m embarrassed to say (and with Twitter, once there’s been a like or a retweet, I always hesitate to delete and start over). Substitute “rude” for “ride:”

Lynn Teague had an apropos reaction to that:


In retrospect, I felt a little bad about this one, as I worried it may have been misunderstood:

I didn’t mean to say our lieutenant governor is crazy. I mean he’s got the extreme territory staked out. He’s pretty out there. But at least he’s an extreme conservative, instead of, say, a “buzzsaw,” which means there’s some legitimacy to him, or at least consistency.

Did I have anything positive to say about anybody? Yes, I did:

So good one there, Henry. Nice to hear someone talking about an actual problem that exists in our state, instead of nonexistent things such as “sanctuary cities.” Of course, we know who talks the most about those.

My nominees for lowest point in the debate:

Henry talking about how proud he is to be helping Trump patrol the border down in Texas.

Catherine Templeton expressing her eagerness to execute some prisoners.

You may have your own favorites. Suggestions?

In any case, I didn’t hear anything that made me want to go out and take down my James Smith sign

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on last night’s GOP debate?

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Speaking of signs I have in my yard. I started this post with a Tweet from the other guy whose sign I proudly display. Later, I responded to that Tweet of his thusly:

    We have far too few people in public office who have served their country in uniform. So I’m glad to see another one running.

    But why is it that some people, such as Micah and James Smith, wear that distinction so comfortably, while other people have a knack for making you feel like that they’ve mentioned it more than enough?

    Maybe it’s because this young man basically had nothing to offer except that and the cliche about being a bidnessman, which is the favorite topic of GOP candidates with zero public experience.

    If he DID have any experience, or even a passing observer’s familiarity with SC government, he wouldn’t be laboring under the misconception that the job is to be South Carolina’s “commander-in-chief”…

  2. Philip Mathews “Phil” Cheney

    Yo, Brad. Phil Cheney here, Been trying to get the attention of the media establishment for months now as an Independent candidate for Governor. Know you aren’t as well known as Brack or Folks, but I like your style. Would send you some info’ but couldn’t find an email address.

    Phil Cheney
    See my blog

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