Amazon sees me as a regular, action-oriented kinda guy

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I got a kick out of this….

I found a new option on my Amazon account and clicked on something that said, “Brad’s Amazon.”

That led me to category after category that Amazon had decided, based on my activity in the past, Brad liked.

Above and below you see the movies that Amazon thinks I’m most interested in. Apparently, I really dig some 007. (But I assure you, I much prefer Sean Connery to Roger Moore.)

Y’all know me. I like that stuff, sure, but my tastes are a bit… wider. Why just the other day, didn’t I get all artsy-fartsy with that French romantic musical I went to see? That was pretty eclectic of me, don’t you think? And if I look at the stuff I’ve watched recently via Amazon Prime, it’s at least somewhat broader that these options.

I’ve been watching stuff like old episodes of “House,” and the Irish cop series, “Single-Handed.” And “The Last Post,” about British Army types in Yemen in the early ’60s. And that scandalous Hedy Lamarr picture, “Ecstasy.” (Or at least, I watched enough to tell you it’s not as racy as people let on.)

Actually, that’s not all that broad a selection, is it? Maybe Amazon knows me better than I know myself. Maybe I’m really, just an uncomplicated, macho, action-oriented kind of guy. So… somebody run get me a beer (and not light beer) while I watch James Bond use the ejector seat on that guy again in “Goldfinger.” I liked that part…

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4 thoughts on “Amazon sees me as a regular, action-oriented kinda guy

  1. Bart

    Great, thanks Richard. I also like the theme from “Once Upon A Time In The West”. And both movies were great along with the great music composed by Ennio Morricone. A link to the You Tube video is below.

    He and Sergio Leone made a great team. And in “Once Upon A Time…”, IMHO, Henry Fonda’s departure from his usual good guy role to Frank in the movie was a stroke of genius. Watched a short interview with Fonda about the role. He said Leone didn’t want anyone to really know who would portray the character Frank in the movie so it would be a shock to Fonda’s fans. And it worked because most had the reaction of “holy crap, that’s Henry Fonda” when Frank’s face was shown the first time and then he shot the kid. Some of his fans were outraged, disappointed, and upset but Fonda did a great job.

    Same with every other actor Leone chose for roles in his movies. He made Clint Eastwood the star he became and still is.

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