Phil Noble reaches out to his base… in Alabama, of course

noble ad

I’ve wondered here a number of times: Who, in South Carolina, is supporting Phil Noble for the Democratic nomination for governor?

I asked it each time he brought forth another prominent out-of-state Democrat to endorse his campaign. I kept perusing his website for lists of supporters. I looked at his donor list, and found one South Carolinian I’d heard of — an impressive one — and I was going to reach out and interview her about it… and then realized she had given to James Smith, too. She was just promoting democracy in general.

Anyway, a friend in Alabama shared with me the above full-page ad from The Anniston Star, saying “Have no idea who he is, but it does seem like something out of the ordinary.”

Not if you’re Phil. If you’re Phil, of course this is where you look for support…

4 thoughts on “Phil Noble reaches out to his base… in Alabama, of course

  1. Carol Fowler

    Send him a check before September 12? I think he won’t have a legal way to spend it by that time. Confusing June and September is a reflection of the many reasons he will never be governor.

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Also, this ad appears to have been written by a Republican. No one else would be so hostile to the English language as to write, “Democrat nominee.” In the headline, for all love…

  3. Scout

    Why does he think people in Alabama would care who is Governor of South Carolina, much less pay money for something that doesn’t affect them? That is very odd.

    1. Brad Warthen

      That’s where he thinks he might find Democrats who are kindly disposed toward him — because of his family connections…

      Democrats in SC who know him, and know James Smith, are generally not supporting Phil.

      He’s counting on Democratic primary voters who DON’T know him, and don’t know James, and are gullible enough to go for his attacks on James. That, and the help from Marguerite Willis attacks on James. And money and endorsement from ot of state.

      The clear choice of Dems who know the players is James. The worrisome thing is that most voters go into the booth blind, knowing none of the players. So it becomes about who hit the right reflex at the right time, and made the electorate twitch. Or at least, it seems that way in my darker moments….

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