Was there anybody at YOUR polling place?


Bud reports that at 10:30, he was the second person at his polling place to take a Democratic ballot, and 53 people had voted in the Republican, which actually has hotly contested statewide races still on it.

The numbers were almost identical at my polling place — Quail Hollow — two hours earlier. I took the second Democratic ballot (with nothing on it but a low-profile congressional runoff), and 52 voters on the Republican side. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s more people than had voted in the GOP primary at that hour two weeks ago, when there were a lot more signs out for candidates than there were today (see above).

How is it out there where you are?

13 thoughts on “Was there anybody at YOUR polling place?

  1. Doug Ross

    Blythewood H.S. at 10 am, I was #46 on the Republican roll and it looked like a few less on the Democrat list. I was the only one in the place when I voted. My son said it was about the same at Blythewood Middle.
    There were two Warren supporters on the driveway into the high school. None for McMaster.

  2. Scout

    At saluda river precinct a little after noon, I was # 17 on the democratic list. I forgot to check the republican number. It seemed pretty lonely. No signs out front this time, fewer voting machines, one other person leaving as I came. I finished before the poll worker had finished explaining the instructions with my one race to vote on. He seemed a little disappointed.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    I forgot to mention: Everything was SO low-key at Quail Hollow that there were no candidates or surrogates out in front of the polling place to greet voters. That’s unusual.

    It wasn’t the case everywhere. One of my ADCO colleagues says House candidate Paula Rawl Calhoon (who advertises on this blog) was at her precinct campaigning.

    Anybody at y’all’s places?

  4. SusanM

    One person ahead of me at about 3 at Kilbourne Park church. I was 36th on the Democratic list for my ward, and the republicans were on page 3 (don’t know the number). The poll worker said there had been more people than they’d expected.

  5. David Dean

    Jim Smith ran on the wrong ticket. Had he not run as a democrat the veteran vote would have been 99% for him. He would have been in office for eight years.


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