Suddenly, from out of the cold mist, a blog post


I just looked poked my head our from campaign HQ for a moment, and I can report that we now have perfect weather for listening to The Band.

Start with the brown album. If you have time for just one song, go with “King Harvest (Has Surely Come)“…

Other good listens for precisely this weather, this time of year, in this latitude, is John Lennon’s “Imagine” album. Not the title track so much because it’s overdone (and, good as it is, overrated). Go with “Jealous Guy” or something along those lines. You want to listen to this in an empty room (like the one in the video) with lots of reverb.

Finally, these climatic conditions are also conducive to the enjoyment of some of Rod Stewart’s early hits, such as “Maggie May,” “Handbags and Gladrags” and “Mandolin Wind.” All very autumnal.

That is all. You may go… And I must get back to work. The music helps…

2 thoughts on “Suddenly, from out of the cold mist, a blog post

  1. Larry Slaughter

    He’s aliiiivvvvvveeeee.

    You could add Whispering Pines for the mellow or Chest Fever to perk you up.

    Yes, I’m a fan of The Band. When my son turned 16, what he wanted for his birthday was a trip to a Midnight Ramble at Levon’s Barn in Woodstock. Count me as a lucky dad! And we brought the guys from The Weight Band to the Okra Strut this year. They were excellent. You shoulda. . .

  2. Norm Ivey

    Welcome back!

    We were at The Okra Strut for The Weight. Very good, including their original material.

    I turn to John Denver’s I Want to Live album and Gordon Lightfoot (mostly greatest hits stuff) this time of year.

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