Anybody else tired of ‘Christmas’ yet?

"I say humbug to you, sir! We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!"

“I say humbug to you, sir! We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!”

… ‘Cause I am.

I am not a Scrooge. I have been fully conditioned to say that, by a lifetime of seeing Scrooge — before the ghosts — as a bad guy, who was redeemed by getting into the Christmas Spirit.

But you’ll note, if you go back and read the story, that he got into the Christmas Spirit on Christmas Day — that is, on the first of the 12 days of actual Christmas.

If Scrooge had gone into Walmart on the day after Halloween, hoping to pick up some Brach’s Mellowcreme Pumpkins on sale, only to find all the Halloween stuff replaced by Christmas-themed merchandise — which actually happened to yours truly — I’d have called him a hero for crying “Humbug!”

And that’s what he’d have been: A hero. A man fighting a lonely fight against the cheapening and dilution of what was once a perfectly lovely holiday. Not the holiest day in the liturgical calendar, but a nice one nonetheless.

What put me in this Scroogesque mood? I made the mistake of listening to commercial radio for a few minutes this morning, and every ad I heard was Christmas-themed. And this is 13 days before the start of Advent, which is the whole season that occurs BEFORE Christmas arrives.

So I have my legitimate grievance…

5 thoughts on “Anybody else tired of ‘Christmas’ yet?

  1. Larry Slaughter

    Which doesn’t belong and why?
    1) Thanksgiving
    2) Christmas
    3) New Year’s
    4) diet

    The problem you give in your most recent article is explained by the article before it.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yeah, I’m debating when to start seriously watching my food intake, and maybe go back to paleo, which I think would do me a lot of good.

      I figure after Thanksgiving, and probably after Christmas as well.

      I mean, aside from the holidays, I still have a couple of bags of those candy pumpkins left over. Oh, and I liberated about three sixpacks of beer leftover from a fundraiser when we cleaned out the office. (Which wasn’t what I really wanted — campaign manager Scott Hogan got the almost-full bottle of Pusser’s Rum.)

      I should probably get rid of the beer. Much of it was floating in water left in a cooler for the last several weeks of the campaign, and the water had gotten kind of slimy…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        I tried one of them the other night — carefully opening the top and pouring it out into a glass, avoiding the suspect exterior of the bottle. And I didn’t get sick. It was a Stella Artois…

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