Tom Davis attacked by high-larious (but offensive) mailers

mailer 1

This was tweeted yesterday by my own favorite legislative libertarian, the inimitable Sen. Tom Davis:

Needless to say, it’s getting a lot of response.

First, I thought it was a hoot. Next, I had other thoughts:

  • Does the shirt indicate that Tom is holding Maui Wowie in his hands? Where did he get it? How much did it cost?
  • At first, I thought the headline was ungrammatical. Shouldn’t it be “Will Folks agrees…,” since there is only one Will Folks who is known to Tom and would agree with him on this. Then I realized it’s not a reference to Folks, but just to “folks.” In general. The fact it was in all caps prevented me seeing that right away. But that’s an indication that this was likely produced outside SC. Because people inside SC know Will…
  • Party boy Tom Davis? Party boy Tom Davis?!?!?
  • Is the dope Tom is holding in a plastic grocery bag? If so, do the producers of this thing know that Tom supports local bans on such bags? Are they saying this is inconsistent of him as a libertarian? Nah. I’m thinking about it too hard…
  • What is that girl doing down to the left of Tom? Never mind, don’t tell me. This really is a party, isn’t it? You know, there are all sorts of ways they could have put a bong in the picture without it looking like that…
  • The whole “call Tom Davis” shtick is offensive enough — public figure or not, no one should be subjected to such harassment, especially when based on a lie — but then it gets really dirty: “Tell him to stop trying to turn South Carolina into California.” Fightin’ words…
  • And finally, I get serious: These kinds of dishonest hidden-hand mailers are a scourge upon our politics, as I have said again and again. Which sets up a video I’d like y’all to watch in which our own Mandy Powers Norrell touts her dark-money bill…

And finally… here’s another such mailer (or, I suppose, the other side of this one):

mailer 2

12 thoughts on “Tom Davis attacked by high-larious (but offensive) mailers

  1. Doug Ross

    It’s got to be Big Pharma backing this nonsense.

    Did these actually get mailed? Were they just dumped at the Post Office? Somebody paid to mail them, right?

    Thankfully, I think this is having the reverse effect than intended — exposing the stupidity of those who oppose medical marijuana as lunatic morality police.

    Just yesterday, former Colorado governor Hickenlooper said that he opposed legalization in 2012 (not just medical) but six years later he had to admit all his concerns were wrong. Imagine that – a politician admitting he was wrong. We have enough data and evidence from other states to make passage of this bill a no-brainer. And hopefully it will lead to full legalization and expunging all marijuana possession and use offenses from criminal records.

      1. Doug Ross

        You don’t know me well. I believe in a free market. Big pharma depends on the government to protect its monopolistic behavior. Why do you think they spend so much on lobbying?

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Here’s a story in the Charleston paper:

    1. Doug Ross

      Send a certified letter to the post office with signature required. See if someone picks it up. Does the post office have to reveal the name of an owner of a P.O. Box? Assuming it is not a fake address… Do they accept mass mailings without any identification?

  3. Doug Ross

    Interesting tweet from Wesley Donehue:

    Wesley Donehue
    hey @PDSebastian I hear you are heading up @MajStratGOP mail in NC / SC. I guess you wouldn’t want to tell us who you popped my friend @senatortomdavis on behalf of, would you?

    This should get interesting…

  4. Harry Harris

    Interesting that so often in the past Davis has been allied with astroturf groups funded by dark money in the past, and now he’s getting the business. Most any bill that brings transparency to the funding of attack ads and restricts the use of stealth money has my support. Lying liars are poison no matter which side of an issue they support.

  5. bud

    If this bill does what the flyer says it will then let’s fast track it. Who could be opposed to a good party? As nonsensical as this is it really isn’t much more ridiculous than mainstream opponents of medical marijuana?

  6. Sincerely Interested

    I’ve been trying to find an article or statement that shows Sen. Davis’ support for a plastic ban. Can someone post a link please?


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