The Pink Screen of Death! AIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!


As a Windows veteran of nearly three decades, I’ve seen some terrible sights, things that would chill the blood of a lesser man. The terrible Blue Screen of Death is an old friend, for instance. That was pretty much the favorite mode of my last laptop.

But I had never before seen what is pictured above. That’s what greeted me when I opened my laptop this morning.

Apparently, it’s a thing. A bad thing.

I don’t know what caused it, but I strongly suspect a Firefox update. Ever since I recovered from the Pink Screen, I’ve been unable to use Firefox at all. A home screen of sorts comes up — a different one from what I’ve seen in the past, which is what tells me there must have been an update — but not the home screens I had programmed into the settings.

And anyway, I can’t call up ANY websites on the browser. But if I try the very same URL on Chrome, it works fine.

Oh, and turning it off and back on again didn’t fix the Mozilla problem. I guess my next step is uninstalling and reinstalling.

Any thoughts, guidance, advice…?


12 thoughts on “The Pink Screen of Death! AIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!

  1. Dave Crockett

    I would suggest either, first, a System Restore to a restore point well before the problem. Or, second, a Windows refresh. The latter will disable any non-Microsoft software you’ve installed but leave all of your data intact. E-mail me (you have my address from offline correspondence) if you need more detailed assistance.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I hesitate to do a System Restore because everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT Mozilla, which isn’t working at all.

      Oh, I should mention… after I posted this, I rebooted again and allowed Windows to do an update. I’m thinking the update might have fixed some things.

      Just not Firefox. That’s still not working.

      Don’t you think I should try uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox before I do a System Restore?

      System Restores kind of scare me…

      1. Dave Crockett

        System Restore basically removes any OS or software updates installed at the date of the indicated restore points and puts a backed up copy of the registry in place. It doesn’t uninstall software (such as Firefox). In your situation, I’d probably go on and perform the Restore and, if Firefox is still having issues, uninstall/reinstall it.

        About the worst that can happen is that the Restore will simply fail/error out and you will be back where you were before you attempted it. Occasionally I’ve seen Restores report a fail but actually manage to correct an issue I was dealing with. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Restore make a new/worse problem.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Well, if I have trouble again, I’ll do it.

          Right now, after having reinstalled Firefox this morning, everything seems copacetic.

          But my laptop is more than three years old now, and I fully expect the next breakdown is not far off…

    1. Bill

      Heard of it.Neil Hannon wrote the theme music.He’s singer/songwriter for The Divine Comedy,Irish and melodramatic.This is the last song from,”Casanova” ,an album which plays out like a Broadway musical.It can be over the top,but when you’re in the mood,and want to revel in your TDSD…

    2. Scout

      I tried to like it. I have friends that recommend it. I only got through a few episodes though. :/

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        That was great.

        But my faves are these three:

        “The Work Outing” — The moment when Jen turns to the bar to order a drink, and… well, I’m not going to give it away. Anyway, it’s probably the biggest laugh in the series. All of it started because there was a “toilet guy” in the men’s room.

        “Are We Not Men?” — I need a website like that one, so I can pose as a “proper man”: Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

        “The Speech” — The Internet doesn’t WEIGH anything, Jen. Also, broad-minded Douglas not caring that April used to be from Iran…

        But these only stand out a LITTLE from the rest. They’re all hilarious…

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