If Adsense is going to take over my blog, they need to pay me more

swollen adsense

OK, this is ridiculous. It just started today, and I’ve had enough of it.

The shallow banner ads that Adsense was putting at the top of my blog — about the size and shape of my random header images — have given way to these gigantic things that take up the whole screen on my laptop, and then some.

In fact, I have to shrink the screen several times to get the top of my page and the first headline in the same image so I can show you what’s happening (see above).

Before I shrink it, the ads look like what you see below: There’s the header, and then there’s not even room for the whole ad to show.

Anyway, this is ridiculous. They’re not paying enough to inconvenience my readers and me to this extent…

adsense 2

12 thoughts on “If Adsense is going to take over my blog, they need to pay me more

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    And no, you don’t get to see any more of the pretty girl if you scroll down.

    Do you suppose they’re showing me a “dating” site because I posted that thing about John Hardee earlier? Or do they really mean “dating” in an innocent, old-fashioned sense that involves buying her a corsage and taking her to the prom?

    I don’t know. I just know I want these ads to shrink back to former proportions…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Seriously, folks, any advice? Any settings I should check, or something? Adsense makes things very difficult — the information is probably on their site somewhere, but not easily attainable.

    They HAVE dialed it back a bit. The ads are still huge, but not AS huge. Today, they’re more like this:


    By the way, that header is one of my faves, dating back to our time in England the couple of weeks after Christmas 2010.

    The full photo is below. I just thought the girl, dressed in what was then the heighth of fashion, tapping away at her handheld device, epitomized the city, or at least my impression of it dating to my formative years (and the young women of the city did not disappoint on this front). She seemed very Swingin’ London. Very Carnaby Street, updated. Austin Powers — or for that matter Jean Shrimpton or Twiggy — would have felt at home in her presence. You can’t quite see the way her hair falls in front of her face, which added to the effect. But she seemed mod to me, right down to her fingernails…


  3. Doug Ross

    I’m not seeing it. No difference. In fact, I see no ads… even tried turning Adblocker off.

    Using Chrome on Windows. Same on Firefox.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author


      Well, I guess if I’m the only one seeing them, it’s not that big a deal. It’s the readers’ experience that I care about.

      Anyone else seeing gargantuan ads?

  4. bud

    Another good example of the tyranny of capitalism. I could real off a dozen abuses of companies to me and my family just in the past week. And please don’t throw out the old canard about going to another company. I get sick of hearing that crap. I just don’t get this whole mindset that pure capitalism is a superior economic system than pure socialism. I suggest we go 50/50.

    1. Doug Ross

      Meanwhile the DOT is looking for even more money on top of the millions from the gas tax because they’ve done such a great job with the money they already have. At least you have some control over whether adsense bothers you… The DOT is incompetence combined with a monopoly.

  5. Norm Ivey

    The ads I am seeing are the same ole same ole ones they’ve always been–no larger than usual. Someone is keen on finding out if I think Trump is doing a good job.

    Using a Chromebook and my Pixel phone, neither ad is any more obtrusive than normal.


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