Yes they DO, by their very nature!

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Just got this email from the nice folks at Columbia Regional Business Report.

I know they mean well. They see this as their way of being helpful. But I must disagree, and most vehemently.

But how can they bring themselves to say something so absurd as “Money Matters don’t have to be frightening?”

By its very nature, the phrase “Money Matters” is a grim and urgent warning. It tells us that we are about to be subjected to at least several seconds, if not excruciating minutes, of words having to do with the most painfully soporific subject on the planet… money.

It’s a dead giveaway. There is no way that anything pleasant can follow a headline with “Money Matters” in it. It says, Here I come! You’d better run!

If you’re not quick enough, the initial words (ugly and mysterious words, like “accrual” and “debentures”) will give way to spreadsheets, if you’ll forgive me for mentioning something so unpleasant.

There are people, I am told, who enjoy talking about money. But they are from another planet, one with characteristics in common with the Bizarro World.

In any case, I appreciate the warning. Let’s skedaddle…

4 thoughts on “Yes they DO, by their very nature!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Of course, there’s a topic that’s nearly as stultifying, as pointless, as futile, as big a waste of time as talking about money.

    It’s politics.

    Which is why I don’t post nearly as much as I used to…

  2. bud

    Of course, there’s a topic that’s nearly as stultifying, as pointless, as futile, as big a waste of time as talking about money.

    The military.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      You see, folks? This is what I’m on about. I can’t even do a silly, fun post about a personal foible than my good friend bud has to jump in and slap everyone who has ever served this country in uniform in the face.

      I expect he’ll say that wasn’t his intent — I hope not — but that’s the effect…

  3. bud

    Brad you really do seem overly sensitive lately. I don’t particularly find either money or politics as stultifying and pointless as you do so I offered an institution that has become pretty depressing to read about. Yet somehow our military is placed on a pedestal. I don’t find that pedestal status justified. Shouldn’t our armed forces be held just as accountable as any other institution? It has become infested with corruption to the point that a major sexual assault scandal went unreported for years, maybe decades. Then we have the human trafficking catastrophe that has gripped the marine corps, an institution that is supposed to be beyond reproach in it’s honor code of conduct. Seems not to be the case. And how about the many veterans who are committing suicide at an unprecedented rate because of and epidemic of PTSD that the military has, until recently, pretty much ignored. Then we have this spate of military aircraft accidents. We need our military, no one disputes that. But let’s not disrespect the rest of society by pretending they are beyond reproach.


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