We all deserve trophies! But especially me!


A score of 374 out of a possible 600 (I think) is not normally something to write home about, but today it was enough to win!

Although I didn’t actually win anything. And if I did, I should probably share it with the other contestants, because it was so close…

Anyway, I’ve again humiliated myself on the Slate news quiz — just not quite as badly as the host of “Slow Burn” (whatever that is) and Mr. Average out there.

On the upside, however, my aging brain still retains the capacity to learn. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started making myself take the test over each time, a few minutes after the first time, to see if I get them all right.

It’s still not a perfect score, because I never, ever do nothing nice and fast, and this test is timed — which I hate. It’s always going to take me a certain amount of time for my eyes to skim over the possibilities, identify the right one, and click. And I think my hand-eye coordination is average, at best.

But at least I learn…


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