I fixed that picture for you. No need to thank me…

Joe instagram

Below you see the centerpiece section of the front page of The State‘s print version today.

It seems the best part of the picture was cropped out. I think even Doug (were he with us) would agree with me on this point, since not only Joe was cropped out, but Tulsi as well.

So I’ve fixed it for you, with a screen grab from Joe’s Instagram account

front page

8 thoughts on “I fixed that picture for you. No need to thank me…

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I seldom look at Instagram, so I was a bit frustrated to see how hard it makes it to copy a picture and use it elsewhere.

    I mean, there’s no copyright problem here — I can’t imagine Joe’s campaign not wanting me to share that picture with the world.

    But if you right-click on it within Instagram, you don’t get a “Save image as…” option. You are allowed to embed it. So I started to do that, but then I saw it came with all the text and other extraneous stuff I didn’t want. So I screengrabbed it. Here’s hoping no one has a problem with that.

    Oh, by the way, they had a better picture of Joe from the event. I’ll embed it here, so you can see all the stuff that comes with it:

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Dang! Now I’m REALLY ticked. It didn’t show up with the image I wanted! You have to scroll through the other shots to get to it.

      Guess I’ll have to screen-grab it:

      Joe 3

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    I hope Joe didn’t catch cold yesterday. Sanders and Warren are bundled up like Nanook of the North, which demonstrates that they CAN occasionally be sensible.

    But Joe is braving it like JFK at his inauguration. Trying to show his “vigah,” I suppose. I just don’t want him to end up like William Henry Harrison. His country needs him, and he needs to take care of himself…

    Oh, and Amy may lack sense as a result of being from Minnesota, but she should button her coat up!

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yeah, I noticed that. Hey, you can’t get EVERYBODY in there!

      I also noticed in The State‘s photo, Pete got some of his people into the front ranks. See those signs?

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