The world according to Elizabeth Warren

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I couldn’t miss the huge banner ad that Google Adsense had placed on my blog.

Intrigued, I did a work-around to check out what she was trying to get me to look at. (If I click on an Adsense ad, Google is likely to cut me off for cheating. So I right-click, copy the link, and go open it on another browser.)Warren survey 1

It was this survey, asking me to “share what issues matter most to you.”

Of course, to me, this election isn’t about issues. It’s about replacing Donald Trump with a decent, normal, qualified human being. Which is why I’m for Joe Biden — who fully fits that description and actually has a chance to win.

Biden’s biggest barrier to the nomination, of course, is the ideologues who are all about their “issues” and their fantasies that they will get their way on those issues if they nominate Warren or Sanders. When in fact, all they will get is four more years of Donald Trump.

And folks, it’s not that I don’t care about issues. I do. That’s just not what concerns me most, especially at this particular moment in history.

Anyway, the survey tells us what we already knew about Warren — and indeed about most Democrats in the party’s ideological wing. It’ all about domestic social programs.

It was nice to see that the first item on the second screen of the survey (see below), right after “Medicare and Medicaid,” is “National Security.” Which causes one to pause for a moment and think, “I wonder what ‘national security’ means to Elizabeth Warren?”

And then, hey, something else that in my book is a core concern for the presidency: “Nuclear non-proliferation!”

But then we immediately return to “Opioid Crisis,” “Pay Equity,” “Prescription Drug Costs”… Important things, to be sure, but not top-of-mind, to me, in selecting a president.

Note how she ends the survey: “Is there anything else you’d like to share about why you’re in this fight?”

Which of course takes us to reason No. 1 why I never have not been, and probably never will, be interested in having his particular senator become POTUS. To her, politics in our representative democracy is always a “fight.” She just can’t get through a minute without saying that word

warren survey 2

7 thoughts on “The world according to Elizabeth Warren

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    By the way, I tried to answer that question I raised above, “I wonder what ‘national security’ means to Elizabeth Warren?”

    I went to her website. I couldn’t find “National Security” as a heading. I did find “foreign policy.” Here’s how the main text on that page begins:

    From endless wars that strain military families to trade policies that crush our middle class, Washington’s foreign policy today serves the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of everyone else….

    So you see, it’s just as you’d expect: The global arena is just a bigger stage for the class warfare that is her overriding concern across the board. Everything is seen through that lens…

  2. Judy Cooper

    Unless I overlooked it, I didn’t see anything pertaining to saving the planet, which in my opinion means all the other items are worthless. If we have destroyed the earth, what difference does it make if the wealthy are taxed more?

  3. Karen Pearson

    While neither Warren nor Sanders is my preference (I prefer Buttigieg, Klobuchar, or Biden), I can’t get over worried should either win the nomination. Either one of them would at least listen to advisors, and pay attention to what is actually happening. I believe that would lead them to saner policies than Trump has or is likely to get. Congress would also stymie their worst excesses, even assuming that the senate becomes predominantly democratic. I will vote for whomever wins the democratic nomination. Any other vote is the equivalent of a vote for Trump.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      “Either one of them would at least listen to advisors, and pay attention to what is actually happening.”

      Karen, are you sure that’s true of Bernie? I’m not. I think he thinks Bernie is always right, and if he gets elected, everybody else can take a flying leap…

      1. Harry Harris

        Sanders has a long record of working with people he disagrees with on a number of issues. They don’t get headlines because they are specific bills and policies. When he’s running for prez, he gets stuck on narrow messages that he wails away on but never explains. Often grumpy.
        Klobachar is knows as a consensus and ally seeker, but she goes after passing bills like a pit bull, once the alliances are made.
        Biden is known for inclusiveness, but a focus on solutions that will leave you behind if you’re not on board. He’ll give you credit for being a nice guy who just doesn’t “get it” but might want to get together later for a shared interest or maybe a drink.

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