How did your precinct vote? NYT has a cool interactive map

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I find that the most convenient place to find that hyperlocal information, right down to my neighborhood level, is…

The New York Times. I tried finding it at, and maybe it’s there (in fact, I feel like it MUST be), but I couldn’t find it.

Anyway, they have an awesome interactive map. And I see that in my neighborhood, my man Joe cleaned up, with a higher percentage of the vote than he got overall in Lexington County.

Here are the numbers for my precinct:

Quail Hollow


To get your precinct, just go to the link, zoom in on your county, and roll the cursor around until you see your own polling station.

5 thoughts on “How did your precinct vote? NYT has a cool interactive map

  1. Phillip

    Almost the same in Ward 33 Richland (Old Shandon & Waverly/MLK Park), about 44-18% for Biden over Sanders. The biggest difference in my precinct from yours is Buttigieg did twice as badly (under 7%) while Steyer did better.

    Biden’s bigger margin in Richland than Lexington seems to me to be mostly because of the larger African-American vote, more than any Operation Chaos activity.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      You could be right.

      But it doesn’t always work out. Yesterday when I first wrote about this, I noted that

      … in my home county, Marlboro, Joe got 61.3 percent of the vote, and Bernie didn’t even come in second! Steyer did, with 20.2 percent. Which is an indicator that Steyer did make slight inroads into Joe’s African-American base. (Marlboro is a black-majority county.)

      But it’s not that simple, either. Joe did even better in neighboring Chesterfield County, with 64.1 percent. But less than a third of that county is black. Which could explain why Sanders beat Steyer there…

      You see what I’m saying? You see the effect of a high African-American electorate in a better showing for Steyer than Bernie.

      But Biden actually did BETTER in the neighboring county with a smaller percentage of black voters. Here are the numbers.

      That’s why I don’t think the difference between Richland and Lexington, in terms of Joe’s strength, is totally a function of size of black vote…

  2. Bill

    my neighbor reports me to code enforcement when the decal on my license tag is about to expire…

  3. Mark Stewart

    In my area of the state the “whitest” precinct had by far the highest density of Biden voters. I thought that was interesting. May also reflect how generally conservative they are, and how not Trumpy they are.

    In my own precinct I was one of 5 who voted for Warren. She was second to last with Tulsi getting a single vote. Amy and Pete each had 6, while Steyer received 10. Biden’s 75 votes were good for a 60% of the total with Bernie well under 20%.

    From looking at the – awesome – NYT mapping I would say it’s pretty evident SC made the conscious decision to back Biden with conviction.

    We will see what today brings …

    1. Bill

      My ‘hood is so Trumpy,it’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers every day.
      Feb 29 didn’t seem real,comparatively,like Alan Watts or something…

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