Finally, it’s over: Bernie quits

Joe at 701

It’s taken a year, and we’ve finally gotten here. The place where we had to end up, if we’re serious about replacing the guy who’s so excited at the fantastic ratings his coronavirus briefings are getting.

It always had to be Joe. So we had to endure all those months of interminable “debates,” with this or that person being the hot new thing for a week or two, reminding me of the games the Republicans played back in 2012. (Seriously, remember when Herman Cain was the “front-runner?”)

Finally, on the last day of February, South Carolina gave the national Democratic electorate a good slap in the face, and it said “Thanks, I needed that,” and from then on has been giving Joe Biden overwhelming support. The other candidates started dropping out and giving their support to the one guy, out of the couple of dozen, who came into this thing with the qualifications for the job. (As I said last April, I was for any candidate who could be found in this picture.)

It was almost like they were all coming out of a trance and looking around them and saying, What were we thinking? It had to be Joe all along, from the moment he announced. Duh…

Except, of course, for Bernie Sanders.

Because Bernie was about Bernie. His campaign wasn’t about coming up with the most qualified nominee, or the one most likely to beat Trump. It was about Bernie, and Bernieism.

And so for a month we’ve had this Phony Campaign, sort of like the Phoney War of 1939-40, during which we pretended there was still a contested nomination. Or we would have, if we hadn’t been too busy staying alive.

But now that’s over, too. About time. Long past time, really.

So let’s all hunker down and stay safe and let this virus thing pass, and then get back on with the campaign to elect a normal, sane, qualified, decent human being as president of the United States….

10 thoughts on “Finally, it’s over: Bernie quits

  1. Sir Winston Churchill

    This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Very true, prime minister.

      It’s the end of the farce, of the Phoney War, though. All that nonsense of people pretending that anyone else was in the same league as Joe in terms of qualifications.

      We’re where we need to be for when the real fight begins, assuming it ever does.

      We have the most qualified candidate as the nominee of the only party that can mount a challenge to Herr Trump. Yes, the most qualified candidate was the Democratic nominee in 2016, but people hated her guts.

      People like Joe.

      So it’s a good place to be, once things begin again…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        And no, I wasn’t equating Trump to Hitler. I said “Herr Trump” because of the Phoney War reference, and the fact that I’m addressing “Churchill,” and so forth. Trying to evoke the tone…

          1. Brad Warthen Post author

            You know where I got that picture? From my Twitter friend Dick Nixon’s feed:

            On this blog, we see dead people. We speak with them, too.

            Which reminds me: Any of y’all ever see that show “River,” about the detective who talks with dead people?

            It was pretty good. I watched it on Netflix. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be there any more… It is, however, available on Prime!

  2. bud

    Looks like we’ll have a creepy, old, white man who will shovel money to corporate America over the needs of working families as POTUS. Apparently Joe’s proclivity for uncomfortable touching extends beyond hair sniffing and shoulder rubs. I can’t in good conscience vote for Biden come November. However, it’s important not to lose site of the main objective – eradicating the cancer of the GOP. (Perhaps a new acronym is in order – Conservative, Obnoxious, Vile, Ignorant, Dangerous party or COVID 2020 for short). What I will do is vote straight party Democratic, probably by mail. This is the first election that I just have no enthusiasm for the process.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      And I can’t wait to vote for Joe Biden for president. I’m looking forward to it more than any presidential election since 2008, and maybe more than that one.

      Because we’ll be replacing a bad man — the worst ever — with a good man whom I’ve liked for a lot of years.

      You know, a person really has to work at it not to like Joe Biden….

      1. Realist

        “You know, a person really has to work at it not to like Joe Biden….”

        Not necessarily. My wife had an uncanny ability to read someone after meeting them or watching them on television, especially politicians. When Joe Biden appeared on television for anything, she would change the channel immediately. He creeped her out. And I trusted my wife’s judgment without question. Personally, I have never cared for or liked Joe Biden from the first time I watched him on television when he tried to run for the nomination years ago and during the Obama campaign and administration. So, I for one did not have to work at it at all.

        Come November, I will exercise my right to vote my conscience as I did in 2016 when I did not vote for Clinton or Trump and this time, I will not vote for Biden or Trump.

        I am still of the opinion based on what I observed as my wife’s dementia grew worse over a few years along with how her mother, father and brother’s descent into the hell of the disease progressed at different paces. Some can call it speculation or whatever, frankly I don’t care. Joe Biden is displaying signs of early onset dementia. It has been noted that Biden is able to outdo people much younger during the campaign but one of the signs is being able to go without sleep or rest for days on end. Able to keep up activity that would tire out most other people. My wife, her parents and brother went through the same thing.

        No, I am not a doctor but based on the extensive study and consultation with doctors specializing in the disease that was necessary for me to understand and adapt to living with the disease, my observation and conclusion is not based on anything but what the medical profession and dementia or Alzheimer’s studies and facts have provided.

        The symptoms are there and should not be ignored over hatred for Trump.


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