I’ve got something. Don’t know what it is. The virus? Don’t know.


Hey, look! The camera on my laptop works. Never tried it before.

Something’s wrong. I’ve got something. I don’t know what it is.

Could it be the coronavirus? Maybe. I don’t know. Probably nothing. I’ll laugh about this tomorrow.

I woke up just after eight this morning. I realized I had turned off the 7:30 alarm yesterday when we went to Food Lion at 7.

I got up and felt very dizzy. OK, I thought. It’s that thing I’ve had for several weeks. I seem to have developed the other form of Ménière’s syndrome.

Look! My phone knew how to spell that. I don’t feel like I can type. So I’m dictating to my phone. It’s working.

Anyway, I’ve had vertigo when I first stand up when I wake up. After a moment, it goes away. Feels worse today, though.

I got up. I was way too dizzy to walk around. Decided to take a hot bath sitting down, instead of a shower. Next thing I knew, my wife was calling me from far away. I looked, and it was a little after nine. I closed my eyes. She called again.

I forced my eyes open and said OK, and flipped open the water with my foot. I closed my eyes…

I woke up again. It was after 9:30. I knew something was wrong.

I managed to get up. Very dizzy. I dried off, got dressed. I went to the front door, because I saw out the window that my wife was outside.

There was something wrong with my eyes. This had not been the case before I got in the tub. I could not focus on anything lower than eye level. I realized this meant I couldn’t write at the computer. I couldn’t read a book. I couldn’t even watch TV. If I wanted to look at something, I had to hold it up above my eyes.

I wouldn’t be able to work. I had so much to do. After about 20 minutes, my eyes got better. I was so relieved. I went to get a package of coconutmilk yogurt. For a smoothie. When I came back, my eyes were messed up again.

I made the smoothie anyway, feeling my way, my wife standing next to me.

It didn’t taste right. The coffee my wife had made for me didn’t taste right, either. This was the first thing that seemed to be a virus indication. There was nothing else. No fever.

I called Lora from ADCO and told her I could not work today. She was very understanding. I was not. I had so much to do today. But I couldn’t. About this time my eyes got better again. I was able to glance down at my phone.

A few minutes later, my vision was messed up again.

I tried sitting in the TV room in my recliner for a while. It was all right, but I wanted to go back to sleep. I went back to bed a right at noon. Got up to use the bathroom at three.

My eyes were still messed up. Very dizzy. Went back to bed. Fell back to sleep immediately.

At four, my wife called me awake. She was sitting on the bed. Gradually I got up and got dressed.

It’s 4:39 PM as I dictate this. I’m upstairs in front of my computer. My wife told me not to come up here, because I would try to do something with my eyes. But I came in anyway, holding onto the rails with both hands.

Is this coronavirus? I have no idea. My eyes were messed up when I woke up, but right now I can look at this,. Good.

If I can, I’ll keep you posted. Probably nothing. i’ll try to watch the TV now. We’ll see how that goes.

This is probably nothing. Tomorrow, I’ll feel ridiculous. I’ll set it to post later, and stop it if I feel better…

41 thoughts on “I’ve got something. Don’t know what it is. The virus? Don’t know.

  1. Mark W. Huguley

    You should take it seriously. Use a telemedicine source for a professional assessment.

  2. Barry

    Every allergy season I get dizzy a few times (meaning a few episodes over several days)

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Pat

    Concerning. Hoping it’s nothing. Maybe allergies?
    Allergies have given me optical migraines. I hope you’ve checked your temperature and blood pressure. Telemedicine sounds like a good idea. Prayers.

  4. Brad Warthen

    Now I’m at the hospital. My kids insisted. Called my doctors’s cell, and he agreed with them instead of me. So here I am. Everybody’s focused on the eye thing. Little concern about other symptoms…

  5. Jack Aubrey

    Killick! Light along a jug of water just tinged with wine, and pass the word for the Doctor!

    1. Brad Warthen

      Grog would be good right now. But keep Killick away, until I need coffee. Meat of some kind would be good…

  6. Brad Warthen

    OK, y’all, here’s the news:

    — I don’t have coronavirus. At least, no one seems to think I have it and they’re not particularly interested in testing.
    — i’ve had a stroke. That’s definite. It’s a bilateral ischemic stroke. They find the bilateral part interesting, because it’s unusual.
    — I have to stay in the hospital. At least until tomorrow. Bunch of tests. No visitors. But since the chow hall here was closed, and I can’t eat any of their sandwiches, they let my wife bring dinner and drop it at the front. Which was good.

    So, you know, SNAFU. Nothing much to say. hope to get into a regular room soon. Still in the ER….

    1. CJW

      Hope the chow was up to Killick’s standards. Hope you’re out of there soon. Hope everything returns to normal.

  7. Mark Huguley

    So happy to know you sought medical evaluation! Now, follow your doctor’s instructions and you will recover nicely. All the best-

  8. Randle

    I am so relieved you went to the hospital! Sending many prayers your way for a quick recovery.

  9. James Edward Cross

    Kudos to the kids (and your doctor) for getting you to the hospital. Hope you do what the medicos telly you to do and get better soon.

    1. Mab

      “…I’ve changed my hairstyle so many times now…I.DON’T.KNOW.WHAT.I.LOOK.LIKE…”

      …hope for an answer some day,,,

  10. Mab

    Mab says,

    “Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.”

    and means it. STOP.DELETING.MAB’s.RESPONSES.


  11. JesseS

    I’m so sorry to hear that. On the bright side, you don’t seem like the kind of person who’ll let this stop you and fall into a deep cavern that might prevent recovery.

    It’s just anecdotal and possibly the most homeopathic sounding thing ever, but after my father’s stroke he had vision issues and took up drawing therapy. He seemed to have some success with it.

  12. Scout

    Oh no, Im late reading this. I was guessing maybe stroke. Im glad you went to the hospital. Please be well.

  13. Cindi Scoppe

    Please let us know you’re OK, Brad. I just saw this, so I’m only just now starting to pray for you. Good thing time isn’t a God thing, so he got all of our prayers before you even had the stroke. That’s why he gave you insistent kids.

      1. Bob Amundson

        We will be as patient as possible as you and your family “time” your comeback carefully. Long term is so much more important than short term.

      2. Bill

        Cheers! Get Well,soon.
        Honey,toast and sunshine:

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I’ve been home for a week. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that point.

      I’m in the middle of writing a blog post now about the hospital stay…

      1. bud

        Glad you’re doing better.

        Your post corroborated something my nurse daughter has been telling me about her Austin hospital. They are actual furloughing staff! People are not coming into ERs for routine stuff.

        1. Scout

          Lexington Hospital System is furloughing Doctors one day a week, according to my doctor at Lexington Family Practice. I think the loss of elective surgeries has hit them pretty hard.

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