The 2020 Rorschach Test

What the president of the United States did Monday was so horrific — having peaceful demonstrators attacked and swept away so that he could walk unimpeded across a park and stand awkwardly waving a Bible around in front of a boarded-up church for no discernible purpose — was so grossly inappropriate, so evocative of what a two-bit foreign autocrat would do in a country that didn’t give a damn about the ideals that animate this country, that, well, it shouldn’t have to be explained.

And yet, I’ve actually seen instances of his defenders, well, defending it. Some of it was pretty stunning.

Basically, this is obviously yet another national Rorschach Test in which you either recoil in horror, or don’t have a clue what is wrong. And the latter portion of our population is the one Trump is trying so clumsily to appeal to.

For those who get it, it doesn’t have to be explained. But I read a lot of stuff eloquently explaining it anyway.

In case you find it helpful, here are some of that, and related stuff:

I don’t know what else to say right now.

I’m just going to share this picture and hope I don’t get in Fair Use trouble. I was told to watch video of all this, but I haven’t yet. For now, the photo is enough:


9 thoughts on “The 2020 Rorschach Test

  1. Doug T

    The election is Joe’s to win. Please don’t blow it.

    Still holding out hope Joe will choose Klobuchar as VP but it!s a long shot now.

  2. Mark

    Apparently it was Ivanka’s idea – and she provided the bible. I’ve seen photos of Jared in attendance.

    Apparently the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley, was patrolling the square in combat fatigues – and the Sec of Defense referenced the “battle space” of the protests? Unbelievable; the whole administration has gone to the birds it appears. Also, still no sign of HUD Sec Carson… figures.

    If we are going to have a Banana Republic there should be daily, and nightly, protests of the White House until Trump has been hounded out of office. Bring back the pink knitted caps though; no black garb with full face masks.

  3. Scout

    I am still appalled that this stunt works for his evangelical base. I was hoping maybe some if they are actually religious would wise up but The Atlantic has an article that suggests it worked for many of them. I just hear Matthew 6:5 loudly in my head when I see that photograph. Except it doesn’t fit exactly since he didn’t even pray. He can’t even pretend to be a Christian well enough to know to do that. He got the standing on the street corner to be seen by men part right. Hopefully this will indeed be all the reward he gets.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I’d like to read that piece in The Atlantic. Could you share the link, please?

      Actually, I wouldn’t like to read it, but I feel that I probably should.

      I just continue to be amazed that religious people would support this guy. I may never in my life get to the point that I understand it.

      But let’s not talk about “other people.” Let’s talk about the appalling support among Catholics — something that absolutely floors me.

      I take some comfort from indications that that support is declining, but it’s still shocking that his support among Catholics is as high as 37 percent…

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Thanks so much, Scout!

          That was edifying, but as usual, I am left NOT understanding, even for a moment, how anyone can reconcile approval of such behavior with Christianity. Makes zero sense to me, however much it may make to them…

          1. James Edward Cross

            Because it is the type of Christianity that pays much more attention to the Old Testament than the New.


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