Sam Elliott has spoken. Get out and vote for Joe, America…


If there were anything in the world that could get me more enthusiastic about voting for Joe Biden — and there probably isn’t at this point — it would likely be an ad with Sam Elliott talking about America, debuting during the World Series.

And here it is. I love it.

9 thoughts on “Sam Elliott has spoken. Get out and vote for Joe, America…

  1. Bryan Caskey

    Top five Sam Elliott Roles:

    1. Gen. John Buford in Gettysburg. Buford, who was one of the best cavalry officers of the era. Buford sees the terrain on the first day and he and his troopers hold off a whole division under Harry Heth for long enough to let Reynolds come up and take the high ground behind the town. Other than Jeff Daniels’ portrayal of Col. Chamberlain, it’s the best role in the movie.

    2. Sgt. Major Plumley in We Were Soldiers. A great role for him, as he plays the crusty ol’ SGM, who cares deeply for his men underneath his hard exterior.

    3. Virgil Earp in Tombstone. Not a leading role, but the movie is so good.

    4. Avery Markham in Justified. The only TV show of the bunch. He plays a very intimidating drug kingpin, and he does it all without his trademark mustache.

    5. Wade Garrett in Road House. It’s a classically fun 80’s movie in which he plays the mentor to Patrick Swayze’s character.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Good list. I really liked him as Buford. “Good ground.” And I agree about Jeff Daniels. I’d like some of the Confederate performances better if they hadn’t put such awful fake beards on Lee and Longstreet.

      I like No. 2 as well.

      Three things I’d add to my list.

      “Lifeguard” and “The Big Lebowski,” for opposite reasons.

      “Lifeguard” was the first thing I ever saw him in. It didn’t make me a fan, but I like that it was different from what would become his type. He played a 30-year-old guy who felt pressured to settle down and get a grownup job, but dammit, he liked being a lifeguard. Saw it on a double bill at a drive-in with the uber-weird “Harold and Maude,” which may distort my memory of it.

      “The Big Lebowski” because, while it wasn’t a major role (in fact, what kind of role WAS it? kind of like the chorus in ancient Greek theater), it just CRYSTALLIZED the Sam Elliott we think of.

      Once an Eagle.” A TV miniseries from the 70s that really made me a Sam Elliott fan. You don’t hear much about it, but I remember enjoying it.

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