Happy Epiphany! And other stuff that’s going on

Yeah, Christmas is over, but we can still smile, can't we?

Yeah, Christmas is over, but we can still smile, can’t we? Someone posted this on social media today.

And there’s a bunch. Going on, I mean.

For instance:

We’re also waiting for confirmation that not only Donald Trump, but Mitch McConnell, will soon be out of power.

I wish you joy, Joe Biden!

Of course, it’s not certain. Life contains surprises. For instance, I was sure that today was Epiphany, but when I got my daily email of today’s readings from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, it said, “Wednesday after Epiphany.” Well, yeah, I know we celebrated it on Sunday, and sang “We Three Kings” and all, but I thought today was the actual day.

Nobody tells us converts anything.

Anyway, Christmas is over, especially for Donald Trump and, we hope, the aforementioned Mitch McConnell. I wasn’t sure how much I cared about what was going to happen in Georgia (I just wanted it to be over so I didn’t have to hear about it anymore), but the idea of saying “buh-bye” to Mitch is rather charming, I find.

Anyway, I post this as a place for y’all to comment on the many things happening around us at the moment…


22 thoughts on “Happy Epiphany! And other stuff that’s going on

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I responded,

  1. James Edward Cross

    Joe Biden can do an occasional sick burn. Word is he is thinking of nominating Merrick Garland as AG.

  2. bud

    Events are moving so quickly that this post seems positively quaint. How fast can POTUS be impeached? Maybe 20 Republican senators will finally see the light.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yep, and I don’t have time to deal with it here. I have work to do (that I wasn’t doing when I posted this earlier).

      Follow me on Twitter if you want to know what I think. I stop and comment there periodically. It covers such things as, for instance, going ahead and impeaching and removing him.

      That only takes a few seconds, and I can do it while working. A blog post is too slow…

      Oh, but let me say this: Tomorrow, things will be back to normal. These animals attacking the Capitol will be locked up. The idiots working with them within the Congress — such as my congressman — will have had their grotesque little insurrection put down as well. And we’ll know that Ossoff has won in Georgia.

      And we will move on…

      1. Ken

        Normality does not return that quickly or that easily.
        It will not even begin to return until there are consequences for ALL those involved — not just those who stormed the Capitol but also those who incited it.

        1. randle

          Agreed. Remove this president now. Stop talking about this like it’s just another day in the life of the Trump Administration. No excuses, no waiting, no doubletalk. He will not stop now, and the insurrectionists will only be emboldened by inaction. And his enablers who incited and went along with this insurrection should not be allowed to serve in Congress.

        2. James Edward Cross

          We all know that is not going to happen. Oh some of the insurrectionists will go to jail; we do have to make an example of some of the pawns and the ones involved in property damage or killing that poor woman are good candidates. The enablers and inciters? They will tell you they did no such thing, that they were just exercising their First Amendment rights and they never suggested storming the Capitol. (I think Bryan Caskey has more insight on how difficult it may be to prosecute someone on that type of charge)

          Resignations? That would require a sense of shame and we know these folks have none. Only way they resign is if it’s part of a deal to avoid a heavier punishment. Impeachment? Trump’s only got two more weeks to go will be the cry; it’s not logical to spend all the time and effort (never mind how much damage he could do in those two weeks).

          In fact, you’ll start hearing those pleas that we must “bring the country together.” That we cannot look like we are persecuting people for their political beliefs. Some of this will of course be coming from the Republicans. And Joe and most Democrats will fall in line and will squelch those who disagree, like Ilhan Omar who is drawing up articles of impeachment. Political consequences? Short term at worst; by the time most are up for re-election people will have forgotten about this or will consider it a badge of honor and will re-elect them with larger majorities.

          So nothing will really change. Never mind the fact that the Electoral College ballots would likely have been stolen or destroyed and thus would have led to a total disruption of the process and the opportunity for more shenanigans by Trump. Never mind that if it were not the case that Trump is an incompetent grifter and coward a bolder and more ruthless person would have used the unrest to bring in the military to “restore order” and kept Congress from meeting “for their own safety.” And I think most of you can write the scenarios from there, having seen it happen in other countries.

          And remember, there are still two weeks to the Inauguration. I hope security is *really* tight.

          (BTW, when a report on this is released many months from now with little fanfare I would be willing to bet that the DC police are cited for a lack of aggressive crowd control. You know, unlike their behavior when they were dealing with anti-Trump or BLM protestors)

          1. Ken

            Sadly, I have to agree that adequate consequences are unlikely.

            Not for Lindsey Graham, who still had the gall to say on the floor of the Senate that he had “prayed for Biden to lose.” He is a damnable opportunist and hypocrite.

            And not even for the Inciter-in-Chief, who, as far as I’m concerned, deserves to be thrown into a pit of half-starved wolves and ripped to shreds.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    An example of what you will find on the platform where I’m trying to keep up with this stuff:

  4. bud

    My conservative “friends” are claiming the storming of the capitol is the work of Antifa disguised as Trump supporters!!! Trump really could shoot someone on fifth Avenue and his deplorable supporters would somehow claim his innocence.

      1. bud

        Meant to say Facebook “friends”. They are hardly bosom buddies. I don’t unfriend them because they provide a window into the dark soul of America.


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