Thanks for letting me know!

dogs antifa

After the attack on the Capitol, I went to see what was being said on the Facebook page of a certain person who is, shall we say, an acquaintance.

There, I found reassurance. I told my wife, “You’ll be happy to know that the attack on the Capitol was NOT carried out by Trump supporters. It was Antifa.” I was so relieved that such an abomination wasn’t incited by a sitting president of the United States!

Along those same lines, I share with you the image I received today via text.

Yeah, I know the language violates my blog standards, but I’m giving them a break. Hey, they’re dogs. They don’t know any better…

2 thoughts on “Thanks for letting me know!

  1. Randle

    So funny! Waiting for my miscreant Katz to use that excuse. Just like the disinformation media did within hours. They’re very good at what they do. So I guess you saw that the insurrectionists defecated in Capitol bathrooms and and tracked it around the Capitol. That’s what patriots do.

  2. Scout

    I’m waiting for someone to explain why exactly people who are against fascism would want to interfere with the exit of someone they think is fascist. If they were there, they probably would have been guarding the chamber from the MAGA people. They want him out.

    Their cover stories are not even plausible.

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