A real DNC Membership Card? Thanks! But no thanks…

Y’all know I’m a fan of Jaime Harrison, but I’m going to have to turn down his latest offer, which came today via email.

The message was headlined, “Brad’s 2021 DNC Membership Card,” and sure enough, down in the body of the email, there it was:


Note that even though it had to be a bogus, random bunch of characters, I smudged out the supposed “ID” number. I’ve never given a penny to the DNC, but I was worried they might actually have me on file (else why do I get these emails?) from having given to Jaime, or Joe Biden. Or maybe from that $5 I gave ex-astronaut Mike Kelly at the last minute last year. Or the very first contribution I made to anyone — that was Mandy Powers Norrell.

Because, you know, that’s something I started doing last year — giving (very small amounts) to candidates I like. And since I started doing it in 2020, the year that there wasn’t a single Republican I would vote for who had opposition, I only gave to Democrats.

But a membership card? Save that for the people who want one.

The email claims there have been 102,753 such people so far. Well, good for them. Obviously, you don’t need me…

10 thoughts on “A real DNC Membership Card? Thanks! But no thanks…

  1. Doug Ross

    My mistake last year was donating to Democratic candidates. Not sure which one of Bernie, Pete, or Yang sold my email address but I started getting junk emails from all sorts of candidates begging for money after that. Since they had my full name it just wasn’t random spam. Or maybe it was just ActBlue that did it.

  2. Barry

    I donated 9 times to candidates through ACT Blue in 2020- not counting “tips” to Act Blue itself.

    My total donation was less than $150.

    Biden Victory Fund (won)
    Jamie Harrison (lost)
    and at least one other senate candidate (won)

    But apparently, small donations is the way ACT Blue raises so much money.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Hey, I was just mentioning those guys to a young friend today:

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Oops. What I was responding to didn’t show up in the embed. Here it is:

        Nope. I can’t get an embed code. I guess she has blocked that.

        Oh, well; I’ll respect her wishes. But her response to me was, “Give it a listen, you deserve it!”

        Should I fellow old people? Will “boygenius” appeal to me?


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