Henry didn’t want to go ‘too far’

OK, this kind of rocked me:

I already said this on Twitter, but now I’ll say it here:

Perhaps it’s rude of me to interrupt Henry when he’s congratulating himself, but 8,053 South Carolinians have died, at the very least. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that had we gone a bit closer to what he calls “too far,” some of them would have lived…

DHEC graphic

11 thoughts on “Henry didn’t want to go ‘too far’

  1. James Edward Cross

    I find it interesting that _The State_ no longer has the graphs and statistical information about COVID cases, deaths, and vaccinations on its digital front page anymore. It is not even in the paper’s online coronavirus section.

    1. Ken

      I noticed the same. It’s because the paper believes that the story is no longer front page-worthy.

      But the next wave is in sight. So maybe it’ll be back.

      1. Doug Ross

        Next wave.. ha ha ha. Then vaccines don’t work. Trolls like you have been saying “Wait two weeks” for a year now… and actually hoping things get worse to feed your miserable lives.

        Everyone will be eligible for vaccines starting tomorrow. Stores and restaurants have been back to last year levels as far as I can tell for weeks. There was a 90 minute wait for Texas Roadhouse indoor seating this weekend (I got to-go). If there was going to be another wave, it would have happened a month ago.

        Most people won’t address the facts about COVID. The vast majority of people who have died have been elderly and/or obese and/or have compromised immune systems. The best advice beyond wearing masks that the CDC should have been pushing hard would have been to tell obese people to lose weight over the past year (but we can’t fat shame, can we?). Scaring people to hunker down indoors was a huge mistake. Get out, get fresh air, exercise. COVID isn’t floating around outside.

        Schools never should have closed. The evidence of low/near zero spread in schools s indisputable and the result of closing them will be much worse than the misguided prevention efforts.

        McMaster did no better nor worse than most governors – except for the “hero” Andrew Cuomo who killed more people than anyone AND had the nerve to use his position to get his family and friends tests outside the normal methods. It will be sweet justice to see Cuomo do the pseudo-perp walk when he resigns soon for all his Clinton-esque sexual harassment.

        I’ve had my shots for almost a month now and look forward to traveling again.

        [Don’t bother replying, I don’t read replies]

  2. Ken

    The gubner believes the state — meaning: he — deserves an “A” for its Covid response.

    I believe he deserves a charge of reckless mass homicide.
    Many Covid deaths in this state were avoidable “collateral damage,” sacrifices to the religion of commerce.

    1. Doug Ross

      Let’s see Cuomo get charged first. He refused the help Trump offered, took care of his family and friends, and sent thousands of elderly people to their deaths.

      1. bud

        No one is defending Cuomo. Generally speaking the lockdowns were not vigorous enough. The result is 560k dead, 10s of thousands young and healthy. Had we handled this as effectively as Canada 300,000 people would be alive today. Sadly it appears that a 4th wave is, in fact, underway as the 7 day rolling of COVID deaths is up for the third straight day. Thank you very much Governor Slumlord and the other Libertarian thinking politicians.

        1. Doug Ross

          Stay in your bunker.. Democrats love to live in fear. if you’re old and or fat, keep living in the bubble. If you’re young and healthy, live your life.

          1. Barry

            “ Democrats love to live in fear”

            Republican talk radio topics past 7 days…..

            1) Go buy a gun- today- you won’t be able to soon.

            2) migrants are taking your job

            3) Christians can’t celebrate Easter anymore.

            4) dr Seuss canceled means the Bible is next (Fox still talking about this)

            5) Vaccine passports mean Communism has won. You won’t be able to buy gas or food without “showing your papers” (an actual topic on “Patriot radio.”

            6) HIllary Clinton is running a child sex trafficking organization.

            7) Today on Fox, “Dr Fauci created COVID 19” – along with China. (Said by a former Trump White House official)

            Thank God Conservatives don’t live in fear…….. LOL

      2. Lynn Teague

        Whataboutism is the least convincing response to just about anything. No points for you.

        Back to the subject. South Carolinians have died for an ideology few actually understand and few choose, the belief that all decisions in this state must be predicated on what will best serve the decision maker in the next Primary, regardless of suffering and death. Apparently what best serves in the primary is protecting campaign donors bottom line and swaggering on culture war issues.

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