I just now started wearing a mask on walks. Guess why…

Why weren't we wearing these EVERY spring?

Why weren’t we wearing these EVERY spring? This is me out walking today…

All this past year, I felt free to walk around the neighborhood without a mask on. I was careful everywhere else, but I never got close to anybody — except that one time, on account of the snake.

And I thought that was fine. Until now. Of course, I’ve had both of my shots now, but so what?

This is about the pollen.

I’m sure all my neighbors think I’m trying to show I’m more COVID-careful than anyone around, but no. I’ve been doing enough sneezing lately, and finally it just occurred to me: Why haven’t we always worn these in the spring? Or at least, why haven’t I, with all my allergies?

I’ll bet this one neighbor below supports this new practice, no matter why I’m doing it. I don’t know these folks, but I like them. My kind of people. They were also among the first in the neighborhood to put up signs for Joe and Jaime last year (that picture I linked to was after they’d put up Jaime, and before Joe — a lot of people had trouble finding Joe signs for awhile). They’ve had this one up several months…

wear a mask

3 thoughts on “I just now started wearing a mask on walks. Guess why…

  1. James Edward Cross

    Wearing masks is common in a number of Asian countries like Japan. And in addition to wearing masks to prevent spreading their own germs/illnesses (very communitarian), they also wear masks to protect from dust and pollen. As well as to hide physical imperfections (or just not wanting to wear makeup that day), for fashion, or for a bit of social distancing (not odd given the population density of the country).

  2. Bill

    Los Straitjackets have been wearing full head masks their whole careers and play fabulous rock and roll..
    and wherever they set up


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