Stop me before I bite again! Today’s top posted ‘job’…

dog trainer

Another opportunity from Daybook. I was looking to see if the Gaetz internship was still there, and this was on top instead.

Now there’s a job I’d like to have, if I were qualified. But my record on getting dogs to do what I want them to do is… spotty.

And there are challenges. If I had that job presently, the only way I could do a positive self-evaluation would be to say, “I successfully trained Major to bite someone other than Secret Service agents.” Or maybe, “So far, thanks to my intensive training program, Major has not yet actually killed anyone.” Which leaves something to be desired, and would probably not go over terribly well with my superiors.

But I hope they find someone good. They should be able to, at that pay level…

One more thing: If you click on that job, and scroll all the way to the bottom, you find this key bit of information:



One thought on “Stop me before I bite again! Today’s top posted ‘job’…

  1. Jim Catoe

    My wife and I “experienced” three Jack Russel Terriers in the same household and at the same time. They seemed intent on destroying each other on a daily basis and attacked anything remotely alien that approached our backyard. So we actually became acclimated to biting dogs.

    I fool you not.


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