Turning the clock back to 1691…

William III, by grace of God king of South Carolina?

William III, by grace of God king of South Carolina?

Hey, y’all, I’m super-busy today, but just to give you something to chew on, Jeffrey Collins over at the AP posted this yesterday, sort of riffing on the new census figures:

That started a little bit of conversation on Twitter (our own Lynn Teague joined in). For my part, I responded, “What on Earth would be the motivation for combining two such strikingly unlike states?”

Coming back at me, Jeffrey quickly explained, “Just an observation — certainly not an endorsement. I will say the separation 300+ years ago probably accelerated the differences between the Carolinas.”

Quite likely, I agreed. And of course, I understood it was merely an observation, which others took up and enjoyed discussing. But I couldn’t resist adding: “A technical point: If we went to the status quo ante of 1691, would Elizabeth II be our sovereign? Or would we say it was William III?”

Anyway, I saw Bud mentioned something about the new census figures on a previous post, and I thought y’all might enjoy kicking this around.

So, should SC and NC merge and become one? Talk amongst yourselves…

linda richman

4 thoughts on “Turning the clock back to 1691…

  1. bud

    California added more that 2 million people yet lost a congressional district and hence an electoral vote. Montana added 1/20 that number yet increased its electoral clout by 33%. Yet people somehow manage to defend this ridiculous system. Somehow dead slave owners have more clout than common sense.

  2. Mark Stewart

    How fortune has flip-flopped.

    The Lord’s Proprietors negligent hubris, like slavery, continues to negatively echo across our sense of civility – such as it is.


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