Hey, I aced the Slate News Quiz! For once…


In keeping with my policy of posting the results on the rare occasions when I do well on the Slate News Quiz, and ignoring the whole business when I don’t, I share with you today’s result.

Of course, a lot was at stake today. They had taunted me with the challenge, “Think You’re Smarter Than a Slate Staff Writer?”

A “staff writer?” Are you kidding me? Obviously, the honor of editors everywhere was at stake!

I still went into it with some trepidation, given my record with these quizzes, but I kinda lucked out: Seems like there was only one sports-related question (which I suppose are gimmes for most people), and I guessed right on that one.

See how you do

10 thoughts on “Hey, I aced the Slate News Quiz! For once…

  1. bud

    377, 9 correct. I was doing this on my phone and accidentally made a selection before I read the question. But I’m not looking for sympathy. Dexterity is part of the game.

  2. Doug T

    Congratulations!!! I missed question 11. It’s been a while since I aced this, but I usually beat the average and the highlighted participant. As I told someone recently…I have so much useless knowledge.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Well, I only got 11 right myself. I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression. When I said, “aced,” I meant that I had crushed the competition that was offered. I didn’t mean a perfect score. So you did as well as I did, and I think we should both be proud.

      I think I’ve only ever gotten all 12 once before

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I could have fixed your typo, but I enjoyed it: “popped star.”

      That’s the term for a flash-in-the-pan celebrity whose moment has come and gone.

      Like the one-hit-“Oneders” that “That Thing You Do” was about. Briefly, they were pop stars. Then, they were “popped stars”…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        I got that one right, but only because of a lucky guess. Actually, it was slightly more than that — I remember thinking, “Have I seen or heard any of these names flash by in recent days,” and got it right. I do that a lot on this quiz — go with the dim memory of something that I ignored, but half-perceived going by…

        I think the one I missed was about which state was offering the “Vax-a-Million” thing…

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