Live your life so Google doesn’t remember you this way


How did I get on this topic? The usual, roundabout way. I was skimming through Twitter this morning and ran across this:

… which got me thinking, what are they doing in California now? I had heard about the recall thing, but I paused to think, So what’s their beef with Newsom? I had no idea. I tried to remember whether I knew anything unsavory about him, and I thought of one thing: There was that bizarre woman with whom he was once connected, bizarre enough that it would certainly cause you to question his judgment.

But of course, I couldn’t remember her name. So I asked Google, using the only other thing I knew about her.

Into the search field, I typed: crazy woman who spoke at gop convention.

And I didn’t mean “crazy” in a pleasing, tuneful Patsy Cline sort of way. But Google understood me perfectly.

And you see what I got. Out of all the women it could have picked — such as, say, this one — Google knew exactly what I was looking for.

Having her name, I then looked her up on Wikipedia to confirm that she had been affiliated with Newsom, and found that they had actually been married. I had been thinking maybe they dated once or twice, but he married her?

Well, that would give any voter pause…

Anyway, there’s a life lesson here. Think about posterity. Try to live in a way that you are not remembered this way by Google — and therefore by the rest of the world. Just stop and think before you act. If invited to have a screaming fit during prime time at a national nominating convention of either major party, think very hard before you accept…


11 thoughts on “Live your life so Google doesn’t remember you this way

  1. Bryan Caskey

    Gov. Newsom was facing a recall before the pandemic but it really picked up momentum after he was caught attending a birthday party at a fancy restaurant with a bunch of people…all while he was telling Californians to not do things like that.

    Most of the folks in support of the recall don’t like how he managed the pandemic.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      What did he do wrong? Aside from that one stupid thing.

      You have to understand, I think recall elections are insane. We have a lot of problems here in South Carolina, but thank God we don’t have those. Officeholders are stupid and cowardly enough looking toward the next scheduled election; imagine how they would be if they knew they could face an election any minute.

      Voters should be grownups. They should have to live with their mistakes — such as Henry, for instance — until the next election. If someone needs to be impeached, fine — there are mechanisms for that. But voters have their shot often enough.

      And if we HAD such an awful thing, Henry going to a party once would be thin stuff for calling one. I mean, stacked against all the other stupid things Henry has done, simply in the area of COVID, not to mention other things.

      For instance have you heard about this? I might write a post about that…

      1. Bryan Caskey

        “What did he do wrong? Aside from that one stupid thing.”

        No idea. Since I don’t live in California I’m not following it closely. I agree with you that recalls are sort of an odd thing, but California is sort of an odd place. 🙂

        Interesting piece you linked. Hadn’t seen that story. It’s a free country, and people often vote with their feet. However, I think the COVID-19 vaccine will become fairly standard everywhere in due course.

  2. Barry

    That lady was not only Gavin’s ex-wife, she was also known as “the leg lady” on Fox – on a show on conspiracy theory promoting Fox News, she sat at the end of the table with a skirt on always showing off her legs.

    Given the geriatric, “good Christian” Fox News audience, she could have been sued for causing heart attacks.

    As an aunt of mine use to say, “Your uncle really likes watching those shows. I had no idea he liked political talk so much”

    LOL. Yeah, it was the political talk that captured his attention, not the short skirts.

    Her name is Kimberly. She now dates Trump Jr.

    She was under investigation at Fox when she resigned. A Fox News coworker accused her of sexual harrassment (showing pornographic pictures to other workers) and abusive behavior.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Maybe she has really nice legs. Maybe they distract guys from looking at her face. Maybe, if the camera at the convention had focused on her legs, and the sound was turned completely off, her speech wouldn’t have been so disturbing.

      As soon as I saw she and Newsom were married, I imagined how the marriage may have ended. Maybe one morning Newsom looked at her talking to him across the breakfast table, and thought, “One of these days she’s gonna bite me with those teeth…”

        1. Barry

          BTW- I never understood the attraction of having her in a short skirt at the end of the table. I never found her attractive.

          Of course I canceled my cable and no longer have any cable news.

            1. Randle

              That’s why you don’t know who the crazy lady is or why Newsom was recalled.
              This is a hilarious post. Reminds me of Jimmy Cagney and the grapefruit. Which I should not find funny.

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