My first ad ever in Spanglish, I think


I sometimes see ads in Spanish, probably the result of some small signal I’ve sent out to the cloud — such as the fact that I follow the Pope’s Spanish Twitter feed (after all, it’s his native language) as well as his English one, or something like that. They come and they go.

But this was the first ad I’ve noticed in Spanglish. It came up when I clicked on the wrong thing on my Spotify app, or something. I don’t know why it popped up.

Anyway, after I click on the link offering it en españolthe ad looks more normal (except that, weirdly, the logo is still in Spanglish: “MÁS QUE A MONTH”). But that page offers a link to “English,” and I click it and find myself back on the Spanglish page. It once again says things such as “It’s building forward juntos,” and “Meet the creadores.”

I prefer it to be one way or the other. I don’t care which very much. It’s just that I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to languages. Gimme real Spanish, or real English…

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2 thoughts on “My first ad ever in Spanglish, I think

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I just ran across this Spanglish post again, and it reminded me of an anecdote that always makes me smile, although it will mean nothing to you…

    When I lived in Ecuador, there was this guy who was the handyman at my school. His name was Lucho. All of us kids were buddies with him, which is why I remember his first name, but not his last.

    Well. one day my bus didn’t come to pick me up. Assuming that I had simply missed it, my Dad drove me to school — which was a long drive. When we finally got there, the parking lot was empty, but Lucho was there, working on something.

    He came over to the car. Normally, he would just have explained the situation to me in Spanish, but seeing the adult gringo driving, he made a special effort to translate. (He knew that so often, adult gringos didn’t speak Spanish as well as their kids.) It came out:

    No hay escuela TODAY!” He punched the “today” part, to help my Dad understand.

    I loved it…

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