“The Entire Biden Presidency Will Be Decided in the Next Couple of Days”

By: Bryan Caskey

According to CBS, that’s a quote from President Biden today, speaking to Democrats on the hill. Personally, I think that’s a bit of hyperbole. It’s not like we have a parliamentary system where a political catastrophe triggers an entirely new election. In the system we have, any failure is just a data point for voters to consider when the next election comes along.

So, notwithstanding the President’s statement, I think there will be plenty of time for him to do other things. What else is everyone seeing for the rest of the Biden administration? What goals should the Biden administration have?

19 thoughts on ““The Entire Biden Presidency Will Be Decided in the Next Couple of Days”

  1. Bryan Caskey Post author

    Wonder if Biden takes a page out of the Clinton Presidency playbook and has a focus on smaller, moderate proposals that can get some common ground. Over-deliver and under-promise.

  2. Barry

    I’m taking this approach

    “I hadn’t really given it much thought. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?”


  3. Bryan Caskey Post author

    For starters, I think Biden would be well-served to stop trying to link the Build Back Better agenda currently being negotiated to the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has already passed the Senate. You would think that would be enough to break the logjam and get it passed in the House.

  4. James Edward Cross

    It doesn’t matter if he gets the two big bills he wants passed or not (although passing them is better than not). Voters who are opposed to him will gladly take the benefits but give him no credit come election time. If the economy and COVID remain the same and he continues to make unforced errors then goals are unnecessary because the Republicans will take back control of Congress and stymie anything he tries to do. If their majority is broad then he can’t even veto legislation and have it stick. And I suspect his ability to use E.O.’s will be severely restricted (they’ll will be lifted when a Republican President takes over). He may be able to do some foreign policy things but for the most part Americans don’t care about the rest of the world so it won’t help him that much politically. And he won’t be able to count on black support because he will have failed to defend their rights; as far as they are concerned he will have become just another white man who got their support and then abandoned them in the interests of “moderation.” Just another user. Won’t vote against him but won’t vote for him either.

    1. Barry

      Good post.

      Also another news item worth mentioning

      1) The University of Florida has banned 3 professors from speaking as expert witnesses in a voting rights case in federal court regarding a state law. Plantiffs had sought their testimony as all are experts in voting rights and election law. The university fears reprisals from Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

      – The professors would have been testifying on their own personal time.
      – The professors do have an attorney at this point.
      – Written policy at the university requires approval before testifying in cases but states that requests will
      be given “low scrutiny” are are almost always approved.

      It is interesting to see so called “free speech” conservative advocates so intent to prevent 3 professors from giving their opinions in court so a Republican politician doesn’t get his feelings hurt

      1. Mark Stewart

        Barry, definitely a hair-brained “idea” cooked up by an appointed alumnus trustee at a pre-game tailgate party.

        One would think any Republican would be up in arms about any kind of political censorship. One would think…

        1. Barry

          Even right wing law Professor Jonathan Turley came out against the University of Florida position.

          Call me stunned.

      2. Bryan Caskey Post author

        Yeah, seems like an overreach by the State of Florida. I don’t think we want government institutions and agencies engaging in viewpoint discrimination of state employees.

      3. Bryan Caskey Post author

        Fair trials require the ability of fact and expert witnesses to come forward to testify truthfully without fear that their government employer might retaliate against them. Public university faculty are no exception.

  5. Bobby Amundson

    UK is generally a constitutional monarchy in a parliamentary democracy. Some “academics” believe our Founding Fathers may have overreacted to the governing chaos in England during that period. I think I agree with Churchill but I do wonder rather frequently.

    I agree with James; “unforced errors.” “Joe” has made too many unforced errors; I believe his age is showing.

    God Save the Queen (and Joe and the Pope).

    1. Bill

      Completely disagree
      Joe’s just getting more flak because he’s the only one who had the balls to take the fall of Afghanistan
      He has insured something of a legacy for doing the impossibly right thing..

  6. Barry

    Another story from last week- and one that politicians from both parties are neck deep in

    According to the SEC, Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, then chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had material nonpublic information about coronavirus impact. He and his brother-in-law dumped stock before the market dropped in March 2020.


  7. Brad Warthen

    Joe’s paying too much attention to the yammering idiots in Washington. Usually he’s better at ignoring them. He should stick with that…

    He’s doing fine. And if nothing happens on those programs, nothing at all, so what? I don’t care. I’ve never cared about ambitious plans and programs.

    To quote from back in the spring when Joe was knocking every pitch out of the park, and I didn’t really care because I didn’t need him to do that:

    As you know from last year, I wasn’t all that interested in what Joe would do once in office. As I’ve said so many, many times in the past in many contexts, I don’t like campaign promises, and don’t want to hear grand plans (which kind of eliminated Elizabeth Warren right off). What I want is character. That, and solid experience. You don’t know, can’t know, what the big issues will be during an upcoming term (although in this case, we knew covid had to be dealt with). So I want someone I trust to cope with whatever happens competently, and decently. Someone who I believe will do the right thing both in terms of effectiveness and morality.

    And Joe fit that bill perfectly.

    Of course in this case, it was also about replacing the malevolent, clueless lunatic who had occupied the office for the past four years. Once that was done and covid was competently dealt with, I’d be happy….

    So keep working on the covid, Joe. Which I know you’d be done with if not for the idiots who refuse to get vaccinated.

    As for the rest…

    1. Ken

      “if nothing happens on those programs, nothing at all, so what? I don’t care. I’ve never cared about ambitious plans and programs.”

      Some people a happy with mere figureheads — as long as they’re fine chaps.
      That’s no way to actually lead a government.

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