Where were YOU people last night? The Braves WON!

I was feeling a bit disoriented by the news I was being fed this morning, so I posted this:

I mean, what’s wrong with people? Where were they last night?

Say what? Where WERE you people last night?

9 thoughts on “Where were YOU people last night? The Braves WON!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    It wasn’t an exciting game. It wasn’t Sid’s Slide or anything like that. But that was fine by me. I’ve had enough excitement lately. I was content to just watch them roll right over Houston in a calm and sure manner…

  2. Doug T

    For some reason I liked the Braves all the way back when they were in Milwaukee. Hank, Rico Carty, Felipe Alou, Eddie Matthews, Tony Cloninger, Billy O’Dell. Been pulling for them ever since. Chipper, Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux should have won more titles.

    A reporter asked an older white Virginian why was he voting Republican for governor. The voter responded he didn’t approve of teaching Critical Race Theory. The reporter asked the voter what was CRT. The voter said he wasn’t certain and couldn’t explain it but he was certainly against it.

    Republicans are experts at convincing people to vote for them based on misinformation and lies. Dems have never figured out how to message effectively. Of course the GOP has Fox to carry their message for them. Discouraging.

  3. Bryan Caskey

    A great game. Watched it with my ten year old son. Happy to see the Braves win a World Series. Last time I watched them do it, I was fourteen.

    The Braves will have some hard decisions to make this off-season in deciding on who to keep. Freddie Freeman will hopefully re-sign. He’ll be a free agent, so the Braves are going to have to really open up the checkbook to keep him around. I’m hoping he stays a Brave for life. Not as many players stay with one team all the way through their career anymore. That’s a bygone era, but it would be nice to see Freddie play all his games as a Brave.

  4. barry

    I watched it.

    I’m kicking myself a little was I had planned to go to a game back in June with my daughter but we had to back out.

    I went over in 2019 for a game and really enjoyed it.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Gosh, I haven’t been in years and years.

      And that makes me sad not because of the baseball, but because those were trips when my Dad would drive over there and take me and/or my kids with him, and he hasn’t been able to do that for quite a while now…

      1. Barry

        The new stadium is really great. I stayed a hotel near by and took the hotel shuttle to the ballpark. Afterwards, I just walked back to the hotel.

        Even hit the Varsity earlier in the day for lunch and got a tour of the new football stadium- Mercedes Benz Stadium. Took 2 of my kids over for that.

        I’m for sure going over this next season.

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