Anybody having trouble with the blog?


I mean, trouble other than the usual “dealing with that idiot Brad Warthen” stuff.

I’m talking about weird technical problems.

Starting a couple of days back, right after I posted Paul DeMarco’s piece about his trip to Sicily, Paul told me via text that it wasn’t showing up, and in fact, the most recent post showing at the top of the home page was this highly forgettable one, from way back on Jan. 16.

I know that I don’t post with anything near my old frequency, but there had been nine posts after that one. Ten now, counting this one.

Anyway, when Paul told me that, I immediately checked, and everything was fine!

But that was on Chrome. Before reporting back to Paul that he was imagining things, I tried looking at the blog on Firefox, Edge and Safari. No dice. The most recent post was the one from Jan. 16. Which, let’s face it, was not a great post.

And I found later that my wife couldn’t even get the recent stuff on Chrome on her iPad.

I’ve been scrambling — whenever I’ve had a moment for the blog — ever since. Night before last, I spent 52 minutes on hold with my hosting service, and never got to speak to anybody. No luck with their “chat” service, either.

I’m about to try them again. But in the meantime, things have changed. This morning, everything’s fine on my Firefox browser — as well as Chrome, of course. But Paul said this morning he couldn’t get the recent stuff on Chrome. I urged him to try clearing out his cache. He did, and it worked! I can’t swear that would work for everybody.

Meanwhile, this morning I discovered another problem. I got an email from Ken complaining about his comments not appearing. So I was like, “What comments?” Because there weren’t any when I logged in this morning. But before I finished answering him by email, I looked again — and there they were, with some from other folks.


And yeah, what’s weirder is me telling you about all this stuff when, if you have a problem, you probably can’t see this post.

But if you can, please let me know whether you have HAD any problems, and please describe them. I’m still trying to work this out…

14 thoughts on “Anybody having trouble with the blog?

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Just got this text from Paul:

    I received the usual email about your new post “Anybody having trouble…” but I can’t see it on my laptop or my phone.

    DANG! I’ve HAD it with all this bad craziness!

    Speaking of bad craziness, have y’all seen this absurdity? Apparently, she actually does think she’s somehow qualified to be president of the United States. On this planet, not the Bizarro World…

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Indeed. But what on Earth causes such ambition?

        Why would anyone so unsuited even aspire to such a thing?

        One of the MANY reasons that I don’t run for president is the fact that I don’t think I’m qualified. And yet, I look around, and I truly do not think I flatter myself when I conclude that I am more qualified than the great majority of people who DO run. The fields we’ve seen in the last few presidential elections have been shocking.

        I’ve been deeply unimpressed by most Democrats who have shown interest in the last few years. Meanwhile on the Republican side, we’ve moved to a situation in which only the most unthinkably unsuitable people even think of running. Look at the GOP field from 2012, other than Romney.

        Then, in 2016, the most spectacularly unsuited candidate in the history of the country won that nomination, and then the election. And since then, no remotely qualified person has even offered to step forward.

        So there is good reason for me to invoke Bizarro World. Instead of the MOST qualified people running, we get the LEAST. And it makes absolutely no sense.

        I could run through the contact list on my phone and name 100 people who would be better qualified than Nikki Haley. And here’s the really shocking thing — she’s one of the LEAST outrageously unsuitable people who even get mentioned on the GOP side…

  2. bud

    Not sure why you would imply that Nikki Haley is not qualified to be POTUS. I’m pretty sure she’s at least 35 years old and born in the USA. Unless she’s been convicted of treason or impeached she is clearly qualified. You may not believe she has sufficient experience to be a good POTUS. But given her public service history it’s hard to see how she lacks the background necessary to do the job. She will make a formidable opponent in the general election if she prevails in the primaries. Hopefully Biden will step aside to allow a younger candidate to take over. Otherwise someone like Haley will probably win. I’ve taken up for Biden the last 2+ years but he really is showing his age. Time to retire.

    1. Ken

      ” I’m pretty sure she’s at least 35 years old and born in the USA. Unless she’s been convicted of treason or impeached she is clearly qualified.”

      That makes her qualified to RUN for the office. It doesn’t make her qualified to HOLD the office.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    An update from the Pee Dee…

    Paul texted to tell me this earlier today:

    Just an update. From Wednesday until this morning I could not see the “Anybody having trouble” post on either my phone or my FMU laptop. I have a second laptop (for medical documentation for my HopeHealth practice) which I don’t use for the blog. However, this morning I can see the “Anybody” post on my phone and my HopeHealth laptop. I still can’t see it on my FMU laptop (which is the one I usually use for the blog and the one whose cache I emptied at your suggestion). Both laptops use Chrome. It may be a problem with that FMU laptop. Since it’s an FMU device it could be some kind of security filter. The version of the blog I see on the FMU computer is also behind on comments. On the FMU laptop, I don’t see any comments on my post and 6 on the previous post (“Who da man”). On the HopeHealth laptop there are 2 and 7 comments respectively. I will try to go by FMU IT this week and see if they have any insights.

    At the moment, I’m sitting here waiting for someone at GoDaddy to text me back. It is my hope, and has been for some days now, that some knowledgeable person will at some point spend a second or two pondering our problem..

  4. Dave Crockett

    Now that I’ve looked closer, I see that pages are always loading their last cached version. I’m not sure where it needs to be placed in the source code for your pages, but I think you are missing a “refresh” command string which forces the page to perform a reload periodically. You’d need to enlist a web developer to work it out as my raw html coding skills are VERY rusty.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Are you STILL seeing the problem? I talked to GoDaddy — that’s who hosts this site — over the weekend, and they went in and tinkered, and said everything was working fine now…

  5. Dave Crockett

    The host usually wouldn’t be responsible for the coding or content of pages.. They only provide the underlying mechanisms to get them to the internet.

    Take, for example, if you go there and then walk away from the computer…at some point the page will update itself without you having to click “refresh” on your browser. That’s a forced reload of the page generated by the underlying coding of the site. It seems that your default page coding does NOT force a reload at any point…so if a user comes back to a page without clearing the browser cache with a “refresh”, it simply displays the last data it downloaded without updating it to current.

    At least that was how it worked back in the stone age when I did any web page coding… 😉

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Well, I think it’s working now.

      Anyone let me know if you have any further trouble. Tell me on Facebook or via email if you can’t do it here…

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