Cool it on trying to start a run on banks, people

Like most days lately, I don’t foresee a lot of time today for blogging. So I’m just going to offer this, which I tweeted yesterday, as a topic for discussion:

About the time I posted that, I was somewhat comforted by the fact that the hourly NPR news summary started with this, far more consequential, story. Of course, the second story was further yammering about the banks.

Then, this morning, I was really dismayed to see the first screen of my Washington Post app covered with additional headlines about the banks.

We’re not having a general run and a national economic collapse yet, but keep pushing, everybody. Maybe if you keep trying, you can make the average person nervous enough…

2 thoughts on “Cool it on trying to start a run on banks, people

    1. Barry

      That’s $50 million less that wont’ go to republicans who believed the election was stolen – as Thiel has a habit of funding.


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