Stop trying to oversimplify things, people! It doesn’t help.

Above, you see my results from an exercise offered today by The Washington Post that promised to show me “what kind of budgeter you are.” It was offered, of course, within the context of the debt ceiling “debate” going on in Washington.

It is laughable. Apparently, since I’m not, I don’t know, a member of AOC’s “squad” or something, I “believe that the national debt is the foremost crisis.”

It says that, even though I said a flat no to “Cut Defense Spending.” So go figure. I also, by the way, said no to “Enact House GOP debt ceiling bill.”

“Play our budget game,” the headline that led to the above brilliant conclusion. As though I were a child to be entertained. But at least they admitted that it was a game, and didn’t claim it bore any resemblance to real budgeting on the federal level — which, like everything else in government, is a tangled web of conflicting priorities.

Bottom line, as a more-or-less rational person, I believe we should reduce the debt. And I don’t see any way we get there without doing both of the following:

  1. Cutting some spending.
  2. Raising some taxes.

In fact, it will involve both cutting more spending, and raising more taxes, than most people even want to think about. Still, note the “some” in each case. Only a fool would cut all spending in sight or raise every tax suggested. The decisions to be made along the way are staggeringly complicated, and neither ideology nor simple rule of thumb will not guide you to anything that could remotely be recognized as wise governance. The process requires discernment and deliberation.

And putting silly labels on yourself or others — especially simplistic ones assigned by such a “game” as this — doesn’t help you acquire those qualities…

3 thoughts on “Stop trying to oversimplify things, people! It doesn’t help.

  1. bud

    I find it fascinating that Brad stridently lectures us constantly about civility in our public discourse on political issues yet ironically takes ad hominem and uncalled for attacks on a fine young congresswoman like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Seriously dude if you’re going to talk the talk by all means walk the walk. It undercuts ANY point you try to make about civility. It just shows you as a hypocrite.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Perhaps someone can point out to me the “uncalled-for attack” I apparently launched on this fine young person.

      I’m not finding it. In fact, I’m not finding a single critical word.

      I said that this test called me something absurd because I don’t fit in with the left wing of our political spectrum.

      Does Bud think I DO fit that description? It would be interesting to see that position explained…

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