News that has broken today, June 26, 2024

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I just got tired of saying, “Open Thread.” But to be true to the headline, I’ll try to stick to things that either happened, or I read or heard about, today:

  1. SCOTUS rules for Biden administration in a social media dispute with red states — I didn’t realize this was actually before our nation’s highest court. I had heard about the nonsense, though, on the podcast Hard Fork, I think. As I recall, somebody saw oppression, or something, in the fact that some social media outlets have rules against disinformation, and some people with the government had notifed the sites about disinformation that they might want to look at. That was the big conspiracy. The court gave the claim the heave-ho. Good.
  2. Assange Agrees to Plead Guilty in Exchange for Release — OK, so this broke earlier, but I was reminded today after he got home to Australia. Lucky Australia. As much as I might dislike seeing this guy leave custody, I’m happy that he admitted that what he did was a crime (watch; he’ll say he didn’t), and that he’s left Britain. Because I’m going there soon, and I’d just rather not even hear about him. But justice required that he plead that way, because to quote Doonesbury, well, see the image below… I actually have that book, somewhere.
  3. Bolivian Military Tries to Storm President’s Palace in Apparent Coup Attempt — Well, I suppose they should be applauded, because that Morales has got to go. No, wait. Morales has been out for five years. I didn’t realize. I’ve really got to do a better job of keeping up with Latin America, especially the Andean countries, since I used to live in one…
  4. China Becomes First Country to Retrieve Rocks From the Moon’s Far Side — Hey, way to go, China. Boldly picking up rocks where no man has picked up rocks before. Speaking of men, show us a picture of the guy you sent there to pick them up…
  5. Jamaal Bowman’s Loss — Fitting. The one bad thing about it is that his loss brings the Squad back into the public spotlight, if only momentarily. It’s been awhile. I didn’t even know any dudes had been admitted…
  6. France’s Far Right at the Gates of Power — This was The Daily today. Very interesting, although listening to a breakdown of current politics in France… or Britain… or the United States, for that matter… can be kind of creepy these days. Y’all keeping up with that? I’m trying to. I don’t want another Morales situation on my hands. Oh, yeah — I’ll be in France soon, too. More about that later…
  7. Jason Guerry to face Russell Ott — You probably didn’t pay any more attention to this than I’ve been paying to Bolivia, but I sort of kept an eye on this runoff because I’m hopeful for Russell, and because my neighbor across the street was a big supporter of Guerry’s oppponent, Chris Smith. Can’t say I know much about Guerry beyond the fact that he’s married to the Lexington County Register of Deeds. And wait — I just realized, he’s the son of former Lexington County Councilman Art Guerry. Anyway, maybe we’ll hear more from him now that he’s not overshadowed by the more interesting Ott-Harpootlian contest. Not that local media exactly set the world on fire covering that




12 thoughts on “News that has broken today, June 26, 2024

  1. Doug Ross

    The “disinformation” case is troubling for a variety of reasons. Why does the government get to define what disinformation is? Why is it done behind the scenes instead of out in the open so people can see who is making the request? One needs only look at how the Hunter Biden laptop story was handled with a combination of intelligence people putting out their own disinformation to suppress the story. Now those same people are saying “Oh no, we didn’t say it WAS Russian disinformation… we said it LOOKED LIKE typical Russian disinformation”… we are also now seeing how government agencies tried to control the narrative during COVID — either on purpose or incorrectly by claiming certain topics were disinformation.

    Assange’s release (much like everything Biden’s handlers have done lately) is motivated by politics and pandering. A State Department spokesman yesterday couldn’t name a single actual person who was affected by Assange’s work… Hopefully Edward Snowden is exonerated next.

    Bowman’s defeat was fantastic especially following his and AOC’s cringe worthy rally over the weekend. AOC is hopefully next… she’s a phony clout chaser who hasn’t done anything Squad worthy since her election. Shrill and dumb is a pretty useless combination. But I guess that worked for Elizabeth Warren.

  2. Doug Ross

    As for “disinformation”, Anthony Fauci’s inner circle initially thought COVID came from a lab. Senator Rand Paul has had to use FOIA litigation to bring that to light. And in the process found that people working for Fauci would purposefully misspell words/names (for example inserting numbers to replace letters in words) so that they would not show up in FOIA requests. To think that the government is some sort of bastion of truth, ethics, and purity takes a certain level of naivete or ignorance or worse to promote.

  3. bud

    The first 10 minutes of the debate was a disaster for Biden. His voice was raspy and his answers were not crisp. Trump was strong and actually somewhat presidential. But as it went on Biden found his footing somewhat. He gave generally astute answers. By the end Trump was a rambling idiot. He just stopped answering questions entirely.

  4. Barry

    “We defeated Medicare”

    uttered by Joe Biden during a debate on 6/27/24.

    I didn’t watch this show because I knew this was likely to happen months ago and said so on here. But I have now seen numerous clips and I thought I was watching someone who had escaped from the senior care center and snuck in front of a tv camera – Joe Biden.

    It’s not too lake for Gavin Newsom.

    These folks aren’t getting my vote because I no longer particiate. But this performance is shoving indepenents toward Donald Trump at 100mph.

  5. Doug Ross

    Thomas Friedman on the “Biden Must Go” train…

    “I had been ready to give Biden the benefit of the doubt up to now, because during the times I engaged with him one on one, I found him up to the job. He clearly is not any longer. His family and his staff had to have known that. They have been holed up at Camp David preparing for this momentous debate for days now. If that is the best performance they could summon from him, it’s time for Joe to keep the dignity he deserves and leave the stage at the end of this term.

    If he does, everyday Americans will hail Joe Biden for doing what Donald Trump would never do — put the country before himself.

    If he insists on running and he loses to Trump, Biden and his family — and his staff and party members who enabled him — will not be able to show their faces.

    They deserve better. American needs better. The world needs better.”

  6. bud

    The pundit class was especially harsh on Biden’s debate performance. The NYT was especially tough. But I’ve watched a number of focus groups of undecided voters and they actually were more critical of Trump. They picked up on his lies of failure to answer basic questions. Sadly Biden seemed incapable of exploiting Trump’s nonsense. Trump suggested Democrats want to kill babies after they’re born! Wow. Biden’s response was very poor. Here was a great time to pivot to the disastrous implications to women following the Dodds ruling. Not the only missed opportunity of the night.

  7. Ralph Hightower

    I just finished watching Meet The Press that had N.D. governor, Burgundy, one-on-one with host Kristen Welker. It is absolutely mind boggling that seven million citizens would conspire to commit voter fraud and risk prison. No Republican on Meet The Press has said that the 2020 election was fair, or that they would accept losing 2024. Republicans are afraid of Trump. A Polico article laid it out: Trump is a cult. Sorta reminds me about Jim Jones and David Karesh.
    But it’s never Trump’s fault. The judge is a Democrat. The prosecutor is a Democrat. The jurors are all Democrats.
    Trump is not a leader. Leaders don’t use fear and bullying to lead.
    A leader praises his team for their succes and accepts blame for failure. Trump? “Idid that!” and “It’s not my fault. “

  8. Bob Amundson

    For many age is just a number. I am blessed at 70, for the day, to look, act and sometimes feel 50. Bigger, Faster, Stronger. I am indeed blessed.

    I recently watched Franklin with Michael Douglas playing Benjamin Franklin. Others note Franklin was 81 during the Constitutional Convention, and was clearly sharper than either Trump or Biden.

    I tire of Hobsen Choices in our elections. Age can be just a number but there is no guarantee. Doug is a contrarian like Trump, but Brad, your Conservative (little “c” more appropriate?) leanings may need adjusting.

    I seek balance. I have spent the last month in my beloved Philippines. Brad you understand my past, hence my passion, as I once was a Naval Officer, indeed an Officer and a Gentleman, so many years ago. Time flies (?) when I’m having fun.

    Outside one hotel window was a new JP Morgan Chase building. Judith Kent (Diamon) loves the complexities of the Philippines’ Culture as I do. I am an Amundson, not Amundsen, but I have that same sense of adventure and am yet still alive. I have Survivor’s Complex, meaning why not me? As “under the radar” as possible, I seek change. Change is a key to survival.

    Captain Warthen understands. Go Navy – but Never Again Volunteer Yourself. I will miss The States a little over the 4th. However our Liberal Democracy is fragile and threatened World Wide by illiberal threats.

    See ya!

  9. Doug Ross

    The following have called for Joe Biden to step aside and leave the race:

    – The New York Times
    – The New Yorker
    – The Economist
    – Chicago Tribune
    – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    The following have called for Joe Biden to keep on fighting:
    Jill Biden
    Hunter Biden
    Everyone whose paycheck depends on Biden staying in the race
    Brad (presumably)

  10. Ralph Hightower

    Referencing Doonesbury in regards to Nixon, the Supreme Court handed to Trump unprecedented powers, and a “Get Out of Jail” card. By that new standard that presidents are above the law, Richard Nixon is not a crook, even though his staff broke into Democratic headquarters and stole documents.

    The guilty verdict of paying porn star, Stormy Daniels, hush money occurred while Trump was a private citizen, so sentencing can proceed without pause. Likewise, the verdict in favor of Jean Carroll.

    Trying to shake down Georgia’s Secretary of State to (air quotes) “find” 17,001 votes in his favor is simply election fraud and should be a felony even for a president.

    The Supreme Court should have put limits on what a president can do while in off,after his presidential oath of office is to protect the Constitution.
    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”


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