Dem bumper stickers ain’t soundin’ so dumb now

TweetJust received this from the Chris Dodd campaign. No elaboration; this seems to be as deep as the senator chose to go: STATEMENT OF SENATOR DODD ON COMPROMISING ON IRAQ LEGISLATION For Immediate ReleaseSeptember 7, 2007  WASHINGTON — Today, Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd released the following statement on the proposed supplemental bill:    "Now is […]

I can’t vote for a single Republican this year. I just can’t.

Tweet I don’t when this has happened before. Or if it’s happened. I know it didn’t happen during my years as a guy who made endorsements and shared them with the world (or in the years since). I know that because I kept records. And with one or two exceptions, I pretty much voted a straight editorial-board ticket. If […]

NO! The problem is NOT that the election was ‘divisive’

TweetI’m getting sick of people saying this, so I need to speak up. A story today in The Washington Post by the eminent Dan Balz, headlined “Raw emotions persist as Donald Trump prepares for his presidency,” repeats a fallacy that needs to be countered: But everyone knew or should have known that the wounds from […]

Prediction: The president AFTER Obama will also be the most polarizing ever

TweetSo I saw this Tweet over the weekend: Obama is the most polarizing president on record, but it’s not entirely his fault. — Chris Cillizza (@TheFix) February 7, 2015 … and I really didn’t need to follow the link. Of course it’s not entirely his fault. Just as it wasn’t entirely George W. Bush’s […]

WashPost displays SC as poster child of our stagnant politics

TweetJust wanted to bring to your attention this story, together with photo essay, in The Washington Post today. It examines the dreary fact that there is not one competitive congressional race in South Carolina. As though that were news to us: … Wilson, running for his eighth term, didn’t attend that candidates night program. Which […]

We don’t need outsiders calling our governor a ‘clown’

Tweet Back in the first few years that I was back here in SC — I want to say it was about the time of the Lost Trust scandal in 1990; in any case, it was a time when we were struggling with some huge problem in Columbia — The Charlotte Observer ran a short, […]

All right. OK. Here’s a post about the stupid debt “debate”

TweetKept hoping — against hope, of course — this debt thing would get resolved before I had to say something about it. I’ve had observations to make about it along the way, but just haven’t wanted to get into it. I hate the subject; it bores me to tears. But it also makes me angry. […]

Want diversity? Then you should have elected the white guy. Ironic, ain’t it?

TweetWell, I’ll probably get some heat for that headline, from irony-deprived people who get as put off by it as I did when I heard about the “Don’t blame me; I voted for the white guy” bumper stickers after the 2008 election. But I couldn’t resist; there’s just so much ironic goofiness inherent in the […]

Wearing your allegiance on your sleeve — or on your Facebook page, anyway

TweetRight after the election, I noticed a Nikki Haley bumper sticker, and it struck me that I hadn’t seen a whole lot of those during the election, which caused me to Tweet: Ever notice how you see more bumper stickers for a candidate AFTER he/she wins than you did before Election Day? I do… It […]