Art Guerry, Lexington County Council, Republican


Tuesday, 12 p.m.

In the district on the Lexington County side of Columbiana mall, Art Guerry is in a grudge match for his old job. After 12 years on county council, he was ousted by John Carrigg. Mr. Guerry says he now agrees with his opponent, who said in 1994 that 12 years was long enough.

Mr. Guerry, if you recall, was county auditor during his hiatus from the council (he lost his bid for re-election two years ago). He’s proud of the job he did getting out and enforcing the tax laws.

He said there was too much of a write-off on unpaid taxes when he was on council before, so as auditor, he did something about it. He claims credit for a 40 percent rollback in the property tax millage thanks to his making sure everybody was paying their share.

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