Paul! Laurin!


nce again, we run into our intrepid correspondent, Dr. Paul DeMarco, at a political event (in this case, Wednesday’s inauguration ceremonies).

But Paul wasn’t just slumming. As usual, he had come down from Marion on a mission to help South Carolina. He had just attended the last meeting of Jim Rex’s transition team. I asked him to write us something about the experience — either for the paper or the blog — and I think he will.

Meanwhile, I had the privilege of meeting our good friend Laurin Manning for the first and second times Wednesday. She introduced herself at a post inaugural reception for 2nd-term Attorney General Henry McMaster. Then, that night, I ran into her again at the governor’s barbecue. That’s her friend Rebecca Dulin with her at the party. These two lovely young ladies will be featured in my barbecue video, which is in post-production, and which you can expect to see tonight, or tomorrow, or sometime between now and Sunday. I’m going to go get dinner now…


2 thoughts on “Paul! Laurin!

  1. Dave

    All three in the photos are happy and smiling at the inauguration of Gov. Sanford. Happy S. Carolinians, that is what we want. Bravo for Paul, Laurin, and Rebecca.

  2. Paul DeMarco

    You caught me last year at the Galivant’s Ferry stump (highly Democratic) and now at the inauguration (highly Republican), so I’m trying to be a balanced citizen. I’m still waiting for the UnParty convention and when that convenes, I’ll be there.
    Hi Laurin,
    I’m honored to be included in the same post as you. I’ve been to your blog and enjoy your insight. BTW, last time I was there you were discussing possible 2008 SC gubernatorial candidates. You said there was someone from Charleston (whose name you did not reveal) who was little known but might make a strong candidate. Have you since disclosed your mystery candidate?


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