Warthen refuses to debate Ravenel, Willis!

onight we have the live debate between the undeserving survivors in
the GOP state treasurer’s race. Unfortunately — and I thought I’d best
break this to my fans now — I’ve had to pull out at the last minute as

excuse? The fact that I’ll be working probably through the night
getting ahead so I can take off a few days, starting tomorrow. It’s not
only a short week for me, but as I mentioned before, I’m also doing
work for a certain slacker who took off all this week.

Standing in for me will be my lovely associate Cindi Ross Scoppe (seen above in her very best excuse for a Vanna White pose), and I assure
you that’s just as good (she’s done this before), so don’t ask for your money back.

3 thoughts on “Warthen refuses to debate Ravenel, Willis!

  1. mark g

    That’s good news! I bought a new high definition plasma screen with surround sound stereo just in time for this debate.

  2. Ready to Hurl

    Uhm, not to be ungallant but I don’t think that Brad has much competition to worry about.
    Cindi does a nice job on columns but she’s a little weak on television questioning.
    Of course, I listened on radio so maybe her “pins” made up for it to the watching audience. 😉
    Somebody should have been doing a better job of “directing traffic,” too.

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