We are not alone

It seems The Greenville News decided to go the same way we did on the GOP superintendent of education race. They picked Bob Staton, too.

Good for them. They also provided, unintentionally, an argument for ignoring the three also-ran candidates (as we did) in their endorsement. They identified Kerry Wood as "a computer program." The man’s a machine, I tell you! He’s the next Max Headroom!

Actually, he’s a computer programmer from the Bateburg-Leesville area.

Anyway, to clear up any possible confusion, we have a below a picture of Kerry "La Maquina" Wood. And if you like, we can caption this one,

‘Virtual Candidate’ ALSO Heals Editor’s Digital Recorder


14 thoughts on “We are not alone

  1. Dave

    “Edjamacation in this state can be fixed in bits and bytes, one page and frame at a time. We just need to get our If-Then-Else processes correct before we run our Do Loops. All students should learn to speak C# (C-Sharp) and master the .net world. When I got done with these kids, they would know their API’s from their ASP’s, their CORBAS from their COM’s, and their ZOTS from their ZAP’s. How about giving a geek a chance?”

  2. Lee

    Seriously, it is sad how the media has most people going along with their derision of any challengers, unless they happen to agree with some hot issue of the media crusade du jour.
    It is also sad that challengers are expected to be perfect, even when running against incumbents who are failures or openly corrupt.
    In today’s elections, you have to be:
    1. An employee of a big corporation who wants a seat in the legislature
    2. An incumbent controlling lots of subsidies, promotions, departmental funding, and dirt on people
    3. Rich enough to run full time without having to work for a living

  3. April

    I am proud to say that Kerry Scott Wood is my brother. For years, he has stood by and watched our educational system go downhill, and that is why he decided to run for this position…to try and make a difference. So you think THAT should be ignored? Unfortunately I think Lee is correct, it seems as though it doesn’t matter how sincere a candidate may be, if they don’t have the name recognition and money they do not get the respect that they deserve. Kerry has done as any other candidate has, he has literally been across the state hundreds of times these last several months, going to meetings, speaking engagements, etc, and has received a lot of support. I am disappointed in the fact that you, Brad, seem to gloat whenever something negative is written about a candidate you do not endorse. Why is that? My brother is at least doing something to try and make a difference. He has sacrificed a lot to run in this race, only to have people like you act childish. I believe all candidates deserve respect. They unselfishly give of their own time, money, time spent with family, etc. Therefore, I am not going to sit here and let you attack the character of my brother, who is a good, decent, hardworking man. (And no, he did not ask me to write this, he doesn’t even know that I am doing so.) Regardless of the outcome of this election, I am proud of him and all his efforts. He has good, sound ideas; ideas that are feasible and can actually be implemented. To hear him speak, you know how passionate he is about the children of SC, and that he truly has their best interest at heart. He has no underlying motive at all in running for this position. And yes, as you pointed out, he is extremely intelligent, I didn’t know that was such a bad trait. He is not a politician, in fact he has never run for any office before. He doesn’t answer a question and tell you what you want to hear just to be politically correct, he tells it like it is, and he isn’t afraid to answer a question. That is actually very refreshing if you ask me. Next time Brad, why don’t you try and write something a little more relevant, such as the issues.

  4. Capital A

    Does it get any more humiliating than your own sister fighting in your stead on the playground?
    (walks away with straightface for 20 feet and then bursts into uncontrollable laughter)

  5. Lee

    Capital A, you are the only one on the playground.
    If the same thing had been said anonymously, you still would have no adult reply. Always looking for something to hang an insult on is a common problem with public discourse today.
    The Internet provides a safe mechanism for the sorts of people who want to shout down speakers in public, but lack the courage to even join a mob of campus Brownshirts.

  6. Capital A

    Lee, you took my post waaaay too seriously. If you can’t see the humor in the above, then you need to return to falsifying more WWII and SAT related “facts.”
    Either that, or continue your annoying habit of logging multiple postings of THE EXACT SAME INFORMATION IN SEPARATE THREADS! Just because we ignore it in one thread, doesn’t mean we want to do it in every single thread.
    The Internet also provides shelter from embarrassment for someone incompetent enough to post the exact same sentence (with an incorrect verb, mind you)in the span of less than two minutes. Enjoy it.

  7. Lee

    Leftists somehow think that finding a typing error means no one notices that they cannot defend their beliefs or crude behavior.
    Yes, I posted the same news about Democrats seeking to outlaw third parties in some of the threads with elections as the topic. Imagine that! Only two dots to connect and Capital A couldn’t do it.

  8. Capital A

    True crude behavior is attacking a mass of people in a certain profession or those of races differing from your own with that difference, alone, being the reason of said attack. Even cruder is your understanding of the offenses you have caused when you list my jest as greater than your misdeeds.
    However, your behavior is not surprising considering your slippery grasp where facts are concerned (as proven by almost every thread on this blog). You’d think with so many people giving you the same diagnosis, that you’d gain a hold on the concept of your own lunacy.
    Now, you’re recently and oddly posting under this Hispanic-named email address as well?
    If there’s a full moon, Lee, you’re the loudest pup in the ‘hood. Michael Landon would be proud.

  9. Lee

    I thought maybe you were the clown posting under my name, as a childish attempt to defame me and make me leave you alone. Is tedfernandez@yahoo.com one of your e-mails?
    If you want to defend illegal aliens, try it without labeling those of us who post facts about the social problems they cause. In fact, you should try to see if you can disagree with anyone with factual information instead of insults, for a change, and character building.

  10. Capital A

    Lee, as a man, I swear to you that I have nothing to do with those emails. I think that it’s a childish way of attacking someone, too. And only one out of the tens of them have been funny…
    Lee, you attack races, and I think that you may be a good man, at heart, but you just don’t see your own racism. I believe that everyone is racist, to a degree, and to what degree we struggle with those feelings determines what type of person we exhibit ourselves as or form ourselves into being.
    I feel like you’ve abandoned that struggle, if you ever engaged in it. My evidence is your postings.
    When someone posts the ludicrous statements that you have, you deserve to be ridiculed. I’m sorry, but I honestly believe that. You don’t get a pass. My historical heroes from Jesus to Mark Twain have almost decreed that.
    A man of your age should know better. Wit, sarcasm, and irony are the tools I’ve been using to try and show you this.
    The sad fact is that I know you’ve skimmed what I’m saying in a rush to respond instead of reading the heartfelt truth in what I’m typing.
    I believe in my fellow man. I believe in you. It’s frustrating when you don’t seem to share that same hope and choose to deride your fellow man on almost purely economic grounds.
    How much is a human life worth, Lee? Wake up, sir! The Son is shining.

  11. Lee

    I don’t attack races, but I don’t give people a pass on bad behavior because of their race, the way modern liberals do.
    Modern liberals and “moderates” are racists. They are unable to address issues like education and illegal aliens, because those doing wrong are mostly non-white, and these liberals apparently expect such misbehavior of them.

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