Another try

All right, let’s try again. Here is another, shorter clip. This one is of Rep. Jim Harrison‘s opponent, Boyd Summers.

If it doesn’t work any better than the last one, I might set this experiment aside until I can find a way to work out the bugs…

49 thoughts on “Another try

  1. Dave

    Brad, keep these coming. they will be imperfect but offer some unusual insights.

    Boyd Summers said that a cigarette tax is a “common sense solution”. OK, what Iwant to know is what would he do with this tax money? How about some common sense of putting money back into taxpayers pocketbooks?

  2. Steve

    Well, now we know where the cameraman from the Blair Witch Project ended up…
    Was there even a hint of any substance in that video? Aside from Cindi’s “um” “um” “um” and the overwrought condescension for vouchers?

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