Nazis to march in Columbia

You don’t get to post a headline like that every day. Of course, I’ve always thought that was a good thing.

Anyway, for those of you who think we don’t write enough about the terrible threat of illegal immigration, be cheered by this release from the Columbia Police Department:

Columbia — The
National Socialist Movement will be having a March & Rally in Columbia  on Saturday, April 21, 2007.  The Columbia Police
Department along with other State and local police agencies will be providing
traffic control and security for this event.  I have listed the approximate
times of street closings and event times.  Please forward this information to
the businesses that will be affected by this operation.  Please feel free to
contact me if you have any questions.

Sergeant B.G. Goff, Special Events

Columbia Police

The National Socialist Movement is described as the largest neo-Nazi movement in the U.S.

The theme of the rally will be illegal immigration. The Nazis are against it, in case you wondered. Apparently, they don’t empathize with the Mexican yearning for Lebensraum.

I’m going to have to create a whole new category for this one.

11 thoughts on “Nazis to march in Columbia

  1. Sand Hill

    Why should people who are concerned about the negative affects of illegal immigration and want to know more about the nature of the problem be happy that the Nazis are marching in Columbia?
    Clearly, the Nazis are trying to take a mainstream issue that is in the headlines daily to push their racist agenda.
    The Nazis shouldn’t conflate racism with opposition of the violation of our immigration laws and neither should anyone else.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Sorry, I was being ironic. My point was that with the Nazis doing this, the issue will no doubt get written about more.

    I get a lot of complaints from readers who are incensed that we "never write about this most important issue." Which isn’t true. We just don’t write about it much, because we don’t see it as the most important issue in the world, the way the folks who are complaining see it.

    Speaking of race and issues that a lot of folks would like it not to be associated with, check this post.

  3. ed

    I can tolerate Nazis OK as long as they don’t call anybody nappy headed ho’s…that’s where I draw the line. Ed

  4. ed

    I was attempting (poorly)to be cute above, but I do (naturally) have an opinion about Nazis marching in Columbia (of course ~ I have an opinion about EVERYthing). I believe that the kind of people who join groups like the Nazis, Aryan Brotherhood and others are too stupid to understand that they do themselves much more harm than good when they march. Ask yourself a question…do you, or does anyone you know, feel attracted to and want to join these nitwits because we’ve seen them march and liked what they had to say? No one that I know is the least bit attracted to the ideas (term used very loosely) spewed by these idiots. I say let ’em march. Don’t molest them, just let them do what they do. Sane, responsible and normal human beings will see them for exactly what they are, and reject their ideas out of hand. Any bottom feeders that do agree with what Nazis preach are marginal and fringe actors who won’t make a meaningful difference anyway. Let ’em march. And disregard ’em. Ed

  5. BizWiz7

    Is the intent to insinuate that anyone who opposes illegal aliens or questions the quantity and quality, selection and assimilation processes for legal immigrants is a “neo-Nazi”? I hope not.
    Let’s have a serious thread that tries to discuss the real issues, not some fringe sideshow.

  6. Coco

    This state makes me sick. The nazis probably feel right at home underneath the confederate flag. Its a disgrace that they even feel they can come here and spread their hate.

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