How to play “Airport Blues”


First of all, don’t play it like in the video above. Just go get your guitar and play it right, as follows:


Well, I went down to the station;

E                           E7
I was feelin’ kinda sore…

Yeah, I went down to the station, mama;

                              E     E7
I was feelin’ mighty sore…

My woman, she done tol’ me,

A7                                 E
She ain’t gonna fly no more…

5 thoughts on “How to play “Airport Blues”

  1. weldon VII

    Two-Man Operatic Back At Brad Blues
    Move on over, B.B.
    Brad done got them airport blues
    (You think we should tell that boy about life at the back of the bus?)
    I said, move on over, Jelly Roll
    Brad’s lacing up them guitar-strummin’ shoes
    (It won’t be long that middle class believes they walks with us)
    Oh, yeah, you better move on over, Lightning,
    Here comes another highbrow wuss.
    (Put a buck in the cup, Mr. Brad, because your blues is sadder than sad)
    I said, move on over, B.B. …

  2. SPAMgate

    Went downtown to see my cousin
    He plays guitar like a chainsaw buzzin’
    In the crowd I see his mom and dad
    I said,hey uncle,man your son is bad
    Sometimes,sometimes bad is bad
    I said cool is a rule but sometimes bad is bad
    Dave Edmunds

  3. SPAMgate

    Busted!(Ray Charles/alternate definition)
    I was getting junk emails to “bill”.I’m waiting for some to “SPAMgate”.
    Sometimes you have to be “Cruel to be Kind”,so when I watched your lo-fi video,I had to encourage you to work on your chops,man.
    There are guitarists starving in India!


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