How the governor spent Mother’s Day weekend

You’ll remember all the brouhaha that ensued after our governor went missing last Father’s Day weekend.

Well, our governor is nothing if not a creature of habit, so here’s how he celebrated Mother’s Day weekend:

Gov. Mark Sanford and a female guest spent the weekend in the Florida Keys at a luxury hotel that is a getaway destination with a long list of famous visitors, including celebrities and U.S. presidents.

Sanford and the woman had a three-day reservation at the Cheeca Lodge and Spa, Megan Sterritt with the Miami public relations firm KWE Group Inc. confirmed Monday. Sterritt would not say if the woman who accompanied the now-divorced Sanford was Maria Belen Chapur, the woman with whom Sanford had the affair that brought down his presidential aspirations last year.

The governor’s communications director, Ben Fox, provided few details about the trip.

And that is about all I’ve got to say about that.

Except this… I just said the governor is a creature of habit. But it’s not at ALL like him to shell out the dough to go to a resort. So that’s new. He’s branching out. He still vetoes the cigarette tax increase every year, though, and frankly, that’s what I care about.

18 thoughts on “How the governor spent Mother’s Day weekend

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    1. Who said HE shelled out the dough?

    2. Even though he was tight with his wallet, he was always more than happy to go first class.

    3. Mother’s Day is a made-up holiday, but at least it’s got more cred than Father’s Day.

    4. He’s divorced, and a free man. Go nuts! I hope he finds happiness, as I do for Jenny, as well.

  2. Brad

    Oh, and please… don’t encourage THIS governor to “go nuts.” Ever. That would be like urging Ernest T. Bass to go throw rocks.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Aw c’mon–last summer was great for the news biz!

    I do not “believe in” divorce, as in I do not intend to get one. It is, however, legal to get one in S.C., rather than committing adultery, which is still illegal.

    If he wasn’t married in a Catholic ceremony, does it even count with you exclusionists?

  4. Brad

    What counts is that this governor lives his life in perfect harmony with his political philosophy. Everything he does, he apparently first thinks, “Is this what Mark Sanford wants to do?” And he then acts accordingly.

    I used to think that his “me first” approach to life and politics included his family, in the traditional conservative anti-gummint way. You know, “me and mine.”

    What we learned last year as that for him, it was just “me.”

    And you know what? I would not be commenting at all on his private life if it weren’t for the fact that this kind of narcissistic behavior — folks, only a man with no shame, having escaped impeachment, runs off to a resort with his girlfriend while he’s still in office (he’d probably be surprised that anyone even raised an eyebrow on it. Possibly even indignant, in his own, mild, I’m-not-about-to-act-like-I-care-what-you-think way) — keeps playing out in his official actions.

    And today, FAR more importantly, he took a policy action that reflects that same self-centered philosophy.

    And I’m fed up with it.

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    Far be it from me to defend the scum, but…

    We have such bigger fish to fry. He is worse than useless, but at least this time, he followed the rules, as far as we know. Let’s move on to real issues beleaguering our state–like the massive education funding shortfall wrought by, among other things, the tax “reform” of a few year back.

  6. Michael P.

    I guess “you Catholics” don’t believe in divorce, yet I know as many Catholics who are divorced as I do any other denomination.

    Maybe if he molested boys you’d consider him within your Catholic flock.

  7. Michael P.

    What’s the matter Brad, only one of three worthy of posting? Interesting that you posted the only one that was the least factual.

  8. Pat

    If he (MS-who else?) could drop any lower in my sight, doesn’t HE have a mother? Seems I recall him going to see her in the midst of the media frenzy.

  9. KP

    “Everything he does, he apparently first thinks, ‘Is this what Mark Sanford wants to do?’ And he then acts accordingly.”

    That is SO dead on. Cheeky bastard. As it has ever been.

  10. Andrew

    Conservative Presbyterian here…

    Were he a member of a church in my circles, he would be under discipline, up to and including excommunication.

    Man’s got problems, hope he gets help.

  11. Kathryn Fenner

    and FWIW, one of the smartest priests I’ve ever known explained that the Episcopal Church does not condone divorce, but it believes that it is more important to attend to the broken-ess that resulted in and from the divorce–kicking people out when they’re down is not very shepherd-like.

    and two out of my three Catholic girlfriends are divorced.

    I was blessed to find a life mate like my dear husband. I recognize that many people are not so fortunate and marry people who turn out to be abusive or philandering or unrepentantly addicted. Others have spouses who are not committed to the marriage, and in 49 out of 50 states (unless NY has changed) there is a form of no-fault divorce.Smugness about staying married is unattractive….

  12. Brad

    Whoa! What brought THAT on? Who’s smug? Certainly not me. I regard each additional day of marriage as a miracle of forbearance on the part of the other party.

    And the church doesn’t kick people out. It requires people to go through a process that’s intended to address that very brokenness of which you speak. But a lot of people prefer not to go through that process, or the other party doesn’t want to go through the process, or something else prevents them. And things break down, and that’s when you find people leaving the church, and it’s very sad all around.

  13. Kathryn Fenner

    “Divorce. Oh, yeah. I forget. You Protestants believe in that…”

    Sounds kinda smug to me…

    What is “excommunication” if not kicking someone out?

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