Ranting about “Rubicon”

I’ve been raving about AMC’s “Rubicon” all season, and now that I’ve seen the last episode, I’ll rant about it a bit.

But first… SPOILER ALERT! OK, now we’ll proceed…

What was THAT about? Call that an ending? Even for a season?

I’ll share with you this partial litany of objections that I just shared with Jim Foster, who has been sharing his enjoyment of the series with me via e-mail throughout the season:

  • What about… the woman who was just murdered?
  • What about… the DVD she didn’t give Will — and he didn’t bother to find and pick up?
  • What about… David’s last message (which she, incredibly, didn’t pause a few minutes to see — you know, in case the disc broke or something)?
  • What about… the foxy neighbor lady who turned out suddenly to be a spook?
  • WHY didn’t Will go to Kale Ingram — the only professional he has on his side, and the only person with a clue what to do in the face of violence — the instant he got back to the office?
  • WHY on Earth would he first confront Spangler alone, without witnesses, thereby giving the bad guy at least a chance of killing him before he is able to expose him to anyone?
  • How about that Maggie, huh? ‘Bout time he got around to her… (this is not actually relevant to my objections; I just wanted to say it)
  • What happened to the writers of all the earlier episodes, which were GOOD? Were they killed by terrorists just before this one?

4 thoughts on “Ranting about “Rubicon”

  1. Greg Jones

    More spoiler alert!
    There was 90 minutes of story left, but they had to jam it into 43 minutes.
    Did he pick up the DVD or not?
    And wasn’t that a weak ending for Katherine Rhumer’s character?
    Who does Andy (foxy neighbor) work for?
    Spangler got a shamrock. Will he do the deed?
    Wasn’t Kale’s line to Miles great?
    There’s no guarantee that this show will be back next season.
    A really good show. Makes me want to watch a “Harry Palmer” movie.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    Wow! It looks like Rubicon is as deep as “The Prisoner”.

    Of the spy TV series on the cable channels, “Covert Affairs” is entertaining, “Undercover” is so-so.

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